WHO ARE YOU? The Colours in Your Wardrobe Tell All

Cheyanne Greig-Andrews investigates the fascinating world of your wardrobe! Find out what the colours you wear say about you and how to utilize colourful ensembles for your ultimate success.

Colour is one of those things that is easily taken for granted. How often do we think about how colours affect us, especially when we wear them? Your profession, family, and possibly your favourite celebrities can influence what ends up in your wardrobe.
Kassia St. Clair, author ofThe Secret Lives of Colour, observes that “a certain distaste of colour runs through western culture like a ladder in a stocking”. Contradictory to this apparent fear of colour in western wardrobes, she goes on to state that colour is also “fundamental to our experience of the world”, which I think everyone can agree with.

The colours in your wardrobe can reveal insights into your personality, your current stage of life, and even your strengths and weaknesses. The colours you wear also send strong subconscious messages to the people you interact with, giving them a certain impression of you.
But what is colour? And why should it matter when getting dressed in the morning?
Scientifically speaking, the colours we see are simply visible light. Higher frequencies of light show up as blue, while lower frequencies appear redder. Each colour will feel energetically different, whether we are aware of it or not. Instead of asking yourself what colour to wear, you could start asking what light frequency should I wear?

On a more esoteric level, chakras, Chinese numerology, auras and other modalities can serve as tools to understand what the colours in your wardrobe might be saying about you. This way of thinking is not for everyone, but taking everything into account it is possible to see how wearing certain colours send a message to the world, and to yourself. Knowing what colours represent, and the energy they carry, can help you to cater your wardrobe for your ultimate success and wellbeing… So, shall we take a peek in your wardrobe?


The colour red demands attention. Associated with power, security, passion, and energy, like the vigour of a blazing fire. If you have a lot of red in your wardrobe, you may be quite confident in your talents and recognized for them. At your next job interview, public speaking gig, or anywhere you want to stand out as a strong force, throw on something red, even if it’s just that ruby lipstick!


A very recent colour and hardly deserving of a colour category on its own. Pink is a softer red and therefore carries a lot of the same energy as red but in subtler ways. Like the rosy hue of pink quartz, pink is emblematic of the romantic love connection. If you have a lot of pink in your wardrobe you are probably quite loving, generous, receptive, and enjoy connecting with people. Wearing pink is very inviting and comforting ideal if you are on a date with your long-term partner or needing to be a bit softer in your approach to life.


Orange, a bold colour choice in any wardrobe. Orange has strong political and social significance connected to Dutch heritage, orange prison jumpsuits, and of course one of the world’s most successful luxury brands, Hermés. If you find yourself attracted to orange clothing, you may be quite creative, artistic, have strong leadership qualities, and an air of sexappeal. “There is no doubt that orange has a confidence to it,” St. Clair asserts. Wearing orange is a great choice to enhance your confidence and creativity, just be careful not to turn into a pumpkin!


Many have mixed feelings about wearing yellow. If you are partial to a yellow ensemble you are probably quite confident in yourself with a sort of ‘haters gonna hate’ attitude to life. Linked to personal power and selfknowledge, increasing yellow in your wardrobe can enhance these qualities. Psychologically, yellow is the happiest colour on the spectrum, so it’s a great colour to wear to parties, or if you need a bit more optimism.


Trees, grass, nature; green is all around us in seemingly infinite shades. Green is associated with relaxation, harmony, and love (non-romantic). If you find yourself wearing green regularly, or are attracted to emerald green, you may be quite open heart towards people and have a calm, familial presence to you. If you experience anxiety and chest tightness, wearing green can help alleviate that internal tension. Green is a great colour to wear if you are a teacher, a parent, a therapist, or anyone in a situation where they want to come across as more nurturing and less domineering.


The sea, sky, and some people’s eyes are endowed with varying shades of blue. Despite this, blue is very difficult to replicate and hard to find in nature, endowing it with a mystical quality. Blue represents flexibility and the ability to roll with the punches. Wearing blue can make you more adaptable, calm under pressure, receptive, and trusting. A great colour to wear if you are in a transition period, moving homes, or changing career paths. Blue will help you let go of a rigid outlook and be a bit more flexible to adjust to such changes with ease. Simultaneously, it will have a lovely calming effect to everyone around you.


Undoubtedly a striking colour, around the world purple is “the symbolic colour of opulence” according to St. Clair. Purple in almost all modalities and cultures represents wealth, luxury, power, and prosperity. Purple is also associated with psychic abilities and even magical qualities.If you are asking for a raise, needing to connect to your intuition, or buying stocks for the first time, you might as well throw on some purple. Plus, it has the added bonus of making any wearer feel regal!


A big leap from the vibrancy of purple, but since brown is a relatively common colour in people’s wardrobes (especially shoes) it is worth mentioning. Brown is associated with the earth and therefore has strong grounding qualities. If you find yourself wearing varying shades of brown and other earthy hues you are probably quite solid, conservative, friendly, and balanced. Wearing brown can help increase these qualities in yourself and send the message to others that you are a solid and reliable force.


Possibly the most common colour in western wardrobes, popular amongst Goths and business folk alike. Black absorbs all visible light and has protective qualities. Apparently, witches wore black not to resemble dark forces, but because it attracts light. Black holds a lot of mystery and is therefore an excellent colour if you are trying not to give too much away or if you are entering a potentially vulnerable situation where you want safeguarding.


Neither black nor white, grey is a common shade in the corporate world. An inoffensive and adaptable piece to any wardrobe, grey has a metallic quality to it which can make you come across as quite sharp, great if you’re a lawyer. There is an energy to grey without being overpowering, it is a great colour for work, but not so much for play.


Crisp linen, the bridal gown, the essential white T-shirt, there is something about wearing white that always feels fresh and powerful. White has spiritual and transcendent associations, probably because it feels otherworldly in pureness. There is an energetic quality to white that when worn will literally light you up. Wearing white can give you a positive boost in energy and make you feel unstoppable, a great choice for any wardrobe.
Whether you are looking for a promotion, a rejuvenating getaway, to make a good impression, or just wanting to feel a bit more playful, catering the colours in your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle can allow you to feel authentic and radiant every day of the week!

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