Rhiannon D’Averc shares her tips on not just getting work, but getting paid.

As a model, finding paid work is very important. This is how you can earn a living from doing something that you love. It’s also a great way to get exposure: the more ad campaigns, magazine editorials, or events you take part in, the more people will have a chance to see your work and think about hiring you.

But where can you find that paid work? Here are a few suggestions to get you going.

Job boards :
They may not come up frequently, but every now and then model castings will be posted to job boards. Look for specialist boards for the most success, for example, FashionJobs.com. Even sites like Gumtree or Indeed may have model requests now and then. Just be sure to do your due diligence and check out the client before you respond to any ads, and before you agree to meet, especially if alone. If in doubt, you can always contact models who have worked with the client previously, and bring a chaperone with you. Your safety is more important than ever in 2020 – ask what social distancing measures will be put into place to protect you on set.

Through your agent :
Once you have an agency, you are more likely to get paid work. More and more models are looking to freelance, but don’t ignore the possibilities that could come to you once you have an agent.Of course, getting an agent in the first place isn’t easy. But doing unpaid shoots just for a short while can build up a good quality portfolio in order to hook an agency – just make sure to only use professional photographers.

Casting sites:
You should certainly have profiles on sites like Model Mayhem, StarNow, and so on. Make sure that your profile and portfolio are up to date and browse the available jobs regularly. Many of them are unpaid, but you can use search filters to separate the wheat from the chaff. Competition will be serious, so make sure you are timely with your responses and that your portfolio is suited to the casting. Always put only your best images in your portfolio. This goes for a website, if you set one up, too. Another idea is to set up a separate Instagram profile just with nine or so of your best shots, which you can update from time to time as a kind of living portfolio.

Through contacts:
Every time you shoot, make friends and contacts. Photographers, make-up artists, stylists, designers, and even fellow models might be in need of models in the future for paid projects. Make a good impression and you might be at the top of their mind. In personal experience, I’ve had models who did well on set being picked up for lots of other projects with other members of the photoshoot team. That has included working with a well-known makeup brand on a series of shoots – and all from working TFP! Make sure your contacts know you are ready to shoot and looking for work

Follow magazines and photographers:
Every now and then, photographers and magazines will put out castings for specific looks. Instagram is a good place to find them, and you can also sign up for mailing lists with those who cast through them (such as the mailing list on londonrunway.co.uk for example!) Once you have signed up, make sure to check your emails often! There’s no use in signing up if you don’t see the opportunities before they’re gone.

Join communities:
Facebook is one of the best places for this, but you can also find communities on Instagram and Twitter to join which are dedicated to casting calls. Keep an eye out for open opportunities, be sure to ask if a job is paid when there are no details, and put yourself forward as often as possible. You might get a hundred rejections, but if you have to submit a hundred and one times to get paid work, then you’d better be doing a hundred and one!

Getting that paid work might take a while, but opportunities lead to more opportunities. The more you can get your name out there, the better. Don’t be put off by Covid-19 – there are still chances to work out there in safe settings, so put yourself forward and see what you can get.

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