Updates: The Face of London Runway 2023

Chief Editor Rhiannon D’Averc brings us the latest updates from the Face of London Runway’s current season.

We’ve managed to get through the first round of selections, the process of going through everyone’s forms, and now even the Zoom rounds.

They were fast-paced, fun, and full of advice, as I put each of the contestants through their paces with lots of conversation, a quick-action posing challenge, and a review of the images and videos they submitted as part of their application.

You can see many of those videos on our Instagram as we’ve been releasing clips over the past month – go ahead and check them out, and see if you can guess who made it through to the semi-final! You can see screenshots from those videos below and on the next page, for a taste of who you might be seeing in our next issue.

We also shared a screenshot of our first released video in the last issue, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already.

We had a lot of amazing talent this year, and the standard has been set very high. After choosing my first selection, I already had a top 55… which, considering only 40 people could come through to the next round, posed a bit of a problem!

There were a lot of amazing contestants who were just pipped at the post, so we hope to see them around next year.

Now that the Zoom rounds have been completed and our decisions have been made, it’s full steam ahead towards the semi-final.

We can’t wait! This in-person round for the top 40 contestants is going to be held at Chocolate Studios in Shoreditch. We’ll all be gathering together for a day of challenges.

If you followed our coverage last year, you’ll know a lot of what to expect. We’ll be doing both photo and video challenges to ensure that our finalists have what it takes to represent us and to do their prizes justice – including appearing on our cover, doing an interview for our podcast London Runway Style, and representing us at any other opportunities that come up during the year.

We’ve also got some super unique secret challenges coming up this year – things we’ve never tried before!

The theme we picked for this year – our first year to even have a theme – means you can expect some specialised challenges. This year, we’re focusing on face, face, face – meaning you’ll see beauty and jewellery work from our lovely contestants. We can’t wait to see who has the ability to wow us the most!

Excitingly, I can already reveal that this is going to be our most international round yet. While we’ve had contestants travel to us from Europe and certain party islands in previous years, this year we already have confirmed top-40 places for models from as far afield as Australia. Yep – you read that right! Stay tuned for our report on how the semi-final goes down next issue, along with lots of images from the event. Of course, we’ll also share some video footage on our Instagram to show you how it all happened. And – most importantly, of course – we’ll be sharing your first glimpse of the top ten finalists. I’m so excited, I can hardly wait!

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