Topshop’s Considered Collection

Topshop, one of the biggest fast fashion retailers, have just released their first sustainable collection: Considered.

Spring, summer, autumn or winter, sustainability is a fashion trend that will never go out of season and has become increasingly popular this year. Topshop, one of the biggest fast fashion retailers, have now caught onto the sustainable fashion trend and released their first-ever sustainable collection: Considered.

The products of the Considered collection are designed to be more environmentally sustainable and are made out of lower impact materials. These materials include 50% organic cotton, 50% lyocell and then 20% recycled materials including recycled cotton, wool and polyester. The collection has a variety of clothing from jeans, ruffle skirts and even a pair of sustainable snakeskin boots.

24th October was the official launch for the Considered collection and Topshop posted a small video showcasing the collection with the caption ‘Put your best fashion footprint forward this season and beyond with our Considered collection. Designed with lower-impact materials, eco-friendly production methods and certified suppliers. Head to the link in bio to discover the collection and find out how we are striving to become more CONSIDERED as a brand. 🌱 #SustainableFashion #EthicalFashion #SustainableClothing

Following the link in Topshop’s Instagram bio takes you to a page that gives an in-depth explanation of the materials used in the Considered collection and the statement that ‘Our vision is to replace all ‘conventional’ materials with sustainable alternatives over time.’ Considered may be Topshop’s first sustainable collection, however, given the information and claims made in their new mission statement, hopefully, this will be the start of Topshop producing more sustainable products and collections. 

As fast fashion brands start to show more environmental awareness and make the move to becoming sustainable there is some backlash. In the Instagram comments under the new Considered campaign posts, people commented that Topshop is still ‘a fast fashion brand’ and accused Topshop of ‘greenwashing’ – a marketing tactic in which brands give a false impression and misleading information as to how sustainable their products actually are. 

Despite the backlash and greenwashing accusations, having a big fast fashion brand like Topshop making a more conscious effort when it comes to product production and the materials they use is a highly positive change. It emphasises that fast fashion brands are beginning to take note of the high levels of damage they can cause to the environment and that they are calling themselves out on it and are willing to change. 

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Image via TopShop

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