Top 10 Instagram Accounts For A Happy Scroller

This week Grace Pickford shares ten Instagram accounts to follow for positivity and wellbeing.

In an age where we are constantly ‘on’, with phones buzzing throughout the night, laptops blinking in the dark and alerts welcoming us into new days, is there a way to make our social media platforms a positive and uplifting space, for us to maintain or even improve our mental wellbeing?

I have experienced the Youtubehole, the Instagram addiction, and the scrolling nightmare. Social media is designed to replicate the gambling games that can be found at flashy casinos in Las Vegas, only in our own homes and in our own pockets. The more we press ‘like’, the more brands and influencers can make a presence online and make money. It is both a genius business plan and a complete sledge-hammer to mental health.

Phone usage has skyrocketed and the information we are feeding our brains on the daily has become more and more toxic, with fake friends, Photoshopping and ideal lifestyles being plastered over our feeds.

So I went on a mission. A mission to find the best Instagram accounts for promoting positivity and mental wellbeing. Accounts that create a space for happiness, thought-provoking content, and inspiration for a happier life. Instead of chasing superstar lifestyles and computer generated perfection, let’s focus on the attainable and the personal. What makes your belly feel warm and fuzzy?

I have compiled Instagram accounts that cater for a variety of interests. My favourite being…


I won’t spoil it, you will have to read on! In no particular order:

For the fashion happy:

@miramikatistudio – 48,100 followers

Mira Mikati founded her selfnamed fashion brand in 2015. Strapped with the bio “Make HAPPY CLOTHES, COLOR the world, TRAVEL in colors,” this fashion is all about the feelgood. Vibrant, enticing, exciting think rainbow striped sweets with extra sugar and you’re about there.

For a friendly voice:

@cleowade – 574,000 followers

“I work to build community. I also write books about living and loving.”

If you haven’t read Cleo Wade’s bestselling book, “Heart Talk” yet, you are majorly missing out. Poetry, affirmations and mantras; Wade’s Instagram does not fail to follow in the book’s magically relatable footsteps. An inspirational life companion and a digital hand to hold. Expect “friendly reminders,” expressions of love, and simple, bold quotes to kick start a positive day. This account truly speaks like a friend.

For cute and cuddly:

@shamarra_aplacas – 71,300 followers

I might have lost you with the mention of alpacas, but bear with me. When I am having a gloomy duvet day, my friend sends me pictures of cute animals in an effort to distract me from my unwanted thoughts. This has, what I like to call, the hot-water-bottle-effect. Introducing the account for the Shamarra Alpaca Farm in New Zealand. They produce “Natural dye free New Zealand made Alpaca knitwear” as stated in their bio, and their posts of alpacas pack a punch (see what I did there?) in brightening your day. Happy animals, beautiful surroundings, and all whilst publicising a healthy image for the production of knitwear.

For the thought-provoking:

@thought-catalog – 665,000 followers

“A place for thoughtful coming of age storytelling.”

“Thought Catalog” is a New York based, digital magazine founded in 2010. Their Instagram feed is bursting with beautiful photography, poetic and dreamy writing that feels like a hug, and meaningful reminders in love, selfworth and friendship. Themed around relationships, youth and romance, this Instagram account is for anyone in need of feeling related to and understood when people around them may not provide that.
For the practical:

@melody_wholesomehealth 1,000 followers

If what you are in need of is a step by step guide to diet, creating a clear mind and a healthy lifestyle, this account run by a holistic health coach provides practical ways to become the best version of yourself. With a simple and secure approach, I recommend melody_wholesomehealth for those craving a lifestyle makeover.

For the artistic:

@theartidote – 1,000,000 followers

“…to story-tell, empathize, bond and heal through art”. Self titled artist and mental health advocate, Jova Ferreyra, created this artistic, self-help Instagram page in 2015 to provide a community online for people to embrace selfawareness and mental health wellbeing. It has now spread to organising meetups in cities all over the world. On this innovative, creative platform, expect unique, striking art pieces accompanied with provocative quotes and a must-add to your Instagram feed.

For the inspirational:

@bethrodden – 46,300 followers

“It’s amazing what some self-love and then one day just going for it can do.” Professional athlete Beth Rodden is a climber and uses her platform to share her experiences with body image, and being a mother. It is affirmation in itself to hear from a world class athlete about feeling physically inadequate; even those who train their bodies for a living have insecurities in their appearance and it is not something to hide or shy away from, but to share and create conversations about.

For the bold:

@feminist – 2,900,000 followers

“The radical belief that we are all equal.” Visually delectable, delightfully colourful and vibrantly human is what can be expected when you type @feminist into Instagram. Quotes, real people, real experiences and relatable content, there is no tiptoeing around. A straight-up and honest reinforcement of how fun it is to be free, open and honest in a world of rules.
For the speaker upperers:

@i_weigh – 995,000 followers

“I Weigh is about radical inclusivity, so that on one feels alone. Our job is to amplify, advocate, and pass the mic.” “I Weigh” was founded by the actress Jameela Jamil to start a conversation on social media that celebrates body positivity and fights against shame and self-hate. My favourite post is a quote that reads, “If your social feeds only have people that look like you, chances are you aren’t learning.” Go learn!
For the fighters:

@theeverymanproject – 18,200 followers

The Every Man Project was founded by Tarik Carroll with a mission to reform male aesthetics and say fuck off to toxic masculinity, to embrace diversity and free men all over the world from self-hate and societal pressures. The project sells t-shirts emblazoned with the motifs: “THICC & THRIVING” and “FYOURTOXIC*MASCULINITY”.

“Society has always had this obsession with perfection. This obsession that conditions most of us to never feel comfortable in our own skin because we are simply not enough…” – Tarik Carroll

You can read more of Grace’s work on her website

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