Tommy Hilfiger partners with UK rental platform, Rotaro

The American clothing brand has partnered with Rotaro for a six-month trial period for rental in attempts to be more sustainable. This will be the second time the brand has had a rental partnership in the UK, with the first being with My Wardrobe HQ.

From July 27, customers are now able to rent pieces from the brand’s archive, the Tommy x Romeo collection, the Pop Drop capsule and several other articles of clothing and footwear. Rotaro customers will now be able to rent these with a choice of doing so for four, eight or 12 days.

A statement from Esther Verburg, the Executive Vice President of Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe’s Sustainable Business and Innovation, talked about how the brand is aware “that the future of fashion is circular, and [their] partnership with Rotaro is another meaningful step in exploring circular business models. [Offering] customers a new opportunity to enjoy classic American cool style, in a way other than buying new.”

This partnership expands on the American brand’s initiative ‘Tommy For Life,’ which employs rentals, re-sales, and reworks for fashion circularity.

Georgie Hyatt, the Chief Executive and co-founder of Rotaro had this to say about the partnership, “We’re thrilled to support Tommy Hilfiger on their rental and resale journey, helping them take accountability for the full lifecycle of their garments. A true icon in the industry, we are honoured to bring these pieces to our community and introduce Tommy Hilfiger to a new generation of consumers.”

With more brands starting to lean more into sustainability, circular fashion is bound to become the norm in the fashion industry as we move forward, with environmental consideration at the forefront of minds of consumers.

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