The reopening of fashion stores in the UK

As COVID-19 restrictions slowly began to ease, clothing stores across UK are recording a raise in the footfall. A similar situation was observed when the first wave was slowly dying down. However, with strict rules of maintaining proper social distancing and safety measures still in place, shoppers are looking forward to treating themselves with a spree. The vaccination drives rolling in at a great pace are also helping people step out with hope.

The month of June also enjoyed fashion at its best with the most awaited event of the year-London Fashion Week and Graduate Fashion Week that gave hope to fresh graduates.

High street brands must now strive to redefine the in-store experience for customers. This is surely a change to look forward to, as the consciousness brought by the pandemic will be seen reflected in the presentation of brands. From window displays to store layouts, something other than the online experience is expected from them. After indulging in hybrid lifestyles during the lockdown, buyers are excited to experience the practices of window shopping and trials.

The spirit of returning to their game is not only seen in high-street brands and designers, but also in thrift stores. Charity shops such as Oxfam are looking forward to opening their doors to thrifters with gems waiting in-store. After months of flooding donations, their selves are looking promising to the sustainable buyers. Peeking into the new academic moves of students into university towns and cities, the stores are expected to do well with sales. Their seasonal yet not-trendy rotation cycles have ensured the revival of many charity stores.

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