Ruth Croft reveals the most popular moments in fashion from 2021.

It has been a fabulous year for fashion. In the last twelve months we have seen tremendous change in all aspects of society, and it is safe to say that that has been reflected in the creative industry. Every year we see designers discover new ways to work with fashion, but in the midst of a pandemic, this has become even more of an explorative experience than ever before. In some ways, it meant that there were greater expectations for stylists to succeed, to create looks that would be forever remembered.

Whilst it is important to recognise everyone’s dedication over the last year, there are only a few fashion moments that can be crowned the most influential. It is a hard task, but nevertheless it must be done.

So, here are our top style moments that had the most effect on society and pop culture in 2021.


The Met Gala is the annual fundraising event for Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It is widely believed to be the biggest evening in fashion, and is attended by the worlds’ most iconic stars, creatives, and designers. The Costume Institute exhibition always portrays the theme of the significant year, which the guests are supposed to reflect in their fashion choices on the night. This year’s theme was ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.’

At every event there are those who take the idea seriously, and walk the red carpet in designs that thrill the entire world. This year, it was Kim Kardashian who took that crown. When she appeared at the Met, there was a lot of speculation whether it was truly her, for she was wearing a black Balenciaga body suit with a full face covering. It was reportedly designed by Demna Gvasalia, who happens to be the creative director of the fashion brand. Some regarded the style as ‘BDSM chic.’

It naturally sparked significant conversation across social media, with many commenting on how peculiar the look was. But, despite its strange appeal, there is no doubt that it is one of the most iconic styles from the event.

Similarly, viewers loved the look that Billie Eilish showcased, with her Hollywood glamour and Marilyn Monroe hairstyle. Her peach-coloured dress was designed by Oscar de la Renta, and paired with diamond jewellery.

She wore the gown on one condition, and that was that Oscar de la Renta would not use fur in any of their designs in the future. Eilish, known for her advocacy of animal rights and veganism, thanked the company for their compliance on Instagram.


It was a momentous night for music when Taylor Swift won ‘Album of the Year’ for Folklore at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards. But the one thing people talked more about than the award was her dress. It was designed by Oscar de la Renta; a pale pink gown, covered in hand-embroidered flowers, alongside a matching face mask. The tulle minidress is actually available to buy from Moda Operandi, but it will set you back nearly £9,000. It was an absolutely stunning look, somehow capturing the very essence of Swift’s winning album; late summer, florally delicate, and ever so meaningful.

Swift reflected on the evening and her beautiful gown, writing, “The fans are the reason we’re floating tonight, and we’ll never forget it.”


It is one of the biggest nights for musicians across the world, and the celebrities did not disappoint with their iconic looks this year. The one that was the most eye-catching was Megan Fox. She turned up to the illustrious event wearing a Thierry Mugler dress, made of a sheer, golden material, through which her bejewelled thong could be seen. She paired the garment with Jimmy Choo high heels. The design immediately went viral on Twitter, with people commenting that her look was the most daring of the evening. But Fox wasn’t the only one gathering attention. Lil Nas X stormed down the red carpet in a lilac Versace number, which was half dress, half suit. It was reportedly his take on a prom dress; glittering, bedazzled, and swathed with an elegant train. He went on to win ‘Video of the Year.’


The Earthshot Prize ceremony took place at the Alexandra Palace in London, for the first time ever this year. The event was hosted by Prince William, in the hope of raising awareness of the environmental struggles the world is currently facing, and how we can prevent further harm. Many influential celebrities attended the occasion, including Sir David Attenborough, who made a rising speech on how there is still time for us to establish change, to reverse the effects we have had on the earth, and make the environment a utopia once more. In response to this effort, everyone who attended wore designs that they have previously owned, or worn to other events in the past. The Duchess of Cambridge was seen in a lavender dress by Alexander McQueen that she had last modelled in 2011. Similarly, Emma Watson stunned the audience in a custom-made outfit that was designed from Oxfam wedding dresses. The dress was sourced from one of Harris Reed’s collections, ‘FOUND.’ The event itself was very well-received by viewers, who understood the importance of such a ceremony.


Whether it’s London, Milan, Paris, or New York, Fashion Week is one of the most revolutionary events in fashion every year. People travel from across the world to see the shows, to really witness the beauty and artistry that the designers, creators, and models have produced. And this year was no exception, with London Fashion Week taking the world by storm in September.

One of the most influential appearances was Vivienne Westwood’s new collection, inspired by designs she first created in the summer of 1998. Westwood is renowned for her activism surrounding climate change and environmentalism, and that was illustrated through her use of recycled materials. On a similar note, Erdem produced a collection that emulates the vivacity of London itself, a so-called love letter to glamour and individualism. These  designs presented a natural look, using waxed cotton, which can be re-used on a sustainable level. This is hopefully the beginning of more fashion brands using eco-friendly fabrics in their designs, which really, is the greatest style of all.

If we were to write every influential fashion moment from 2021, we would fill the entire magazine and more. It really has been a fantastic year for the industry. The designs we have seen in the past few months alone have been iconic enough to spark revolutions across social and traditional media. There’s one thing for certain, and that is we will be taking these influences with us into the new year to create an even more illustrious era in fashion than ever before.

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