This month, Cicilia Brognoli presents an enjoyable review of catwalk falls.

Have you ever seen a model falling while walking the catwalk? Probably yes, because as soon as someone slips in a fashion show, people share it. When this happens the unlucky fashion model falls virtually in a loop of videos and photos posted and reposted hundreds of times. Although these fashion professionals are trained to walk on very high heels, the slip is always around the corner. Falls are not very common, but there’s a plentiful classification of tumbles divided by category. If relatively few people see the fall live, in the blink of an eye a huge digital audience sees it. A fair number of catwalks have welcomed the unexpected glide of a beautiful model.

The causes of such stumbles are many and even more are the ways to deal with this inconvenience. Finding yourself in the hit parade of the fall on the catwalk is certainly not the ambition of a model. However, the web is packed with articles and photos that immortalise the best slips of recent years. The real secret is not about avoiding a tumble, but dealing with it while continuing to walk flawlessly on the runway. Would you get angry or would you continue to walk the catwalk while maintaining impeccable aplomb? Here is a series of memorable falls.


Above all other shows, there is the famous annual event of the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, which often sees its models (called ‘Angels’) spread their wings trying to avoid a ruinous stumble. The grace used by these girls to get up after a tumble is truly remarkable. Exemplary was Ming Xi who, in the 2017 show, tripped over the long skirt she was wearing, soon finding herself on the ground wrapped in the garment’s train. In general, this show is challenging for the models given the colossal dimensions of the wings they wear or of other scenographic clothing. Heels trapped in the often glitterencrusted runway and narrowly avoided tumbles are the order of the day. Surely for the models, these moments create big stress, however for the public, they make these fashion goddesses much closer to mere mortals. How many of us have stumbled while wearing heels at least once?


Returning to 2002, we have to mention the slip made by a model who was walking for Versace. The composure this girl had in falling seems unreal: the beautiful long ivory dress she was wearing ended up under her heel, dragging her to the ground in no time at all. Inexpressive look and iron aplomb, just a hand stretched towards the ground to cushion the fall.


Another slip and another reaction, but this time with a hilarious twist. During the 2008 Zac Posen show in New York, a model fell right after stepping on the runway. Certainly not a great start, but her reaction deserves a round of applause. The girl burst out laughing with amusement at this peculiar debut. After emerging from the tulle mountain of the gown she was wearing, she continued her walk with a big smile.


High heels are one of the main causes of catwalk falls, and this is a fact. You learn by making mistakes they say, and the person in question has become a fashion goddess. We are talking about Naomi Campbell who, at the beginning of her international success, found herself upside down on a Vivienne Westwood catwalk. The model wore very high wedges in perfect Westwood style wrapped in a very long boa ready to undermine her balance. She fell staggering left and right and then found herself on the ground. Six months ago, the model reposted her 1993 tumble on her Instagram profile. Take a look at the caption used for this post, a decidedly apt choice I would say.


Congratulations to the responsiveness of the guests seated in the front row who immediately often jump close to the model to help her get up. This scene is seen very frequently when a model slips. Every fashion show has some good soul sitting in the front row ready to help the one spilled on the floor. If you found yourself in this situation, would you assist the model or laugh out loud?


We are already in the fifth category of falls, it seems that catwalks are very slippery. That’s what any model might think after she tumbles. In this category, however, there are those who fall into various kinds of bow. A curtsy even a little improvised is always better than an embarrassing pose ready to become an Instagram meme. Looking at the galleries of catwalk tumbles on the web, it seems you might be at the ballet more than at a fashion show, but well done for the graceful pose girls.


The sighting of falls on the Versace catwalks is a bit poor. Although the brand has been showing for decades, we can only count two falls. The iron aplomb model we already mentioned, and another fall happened in 2011. During the Spring/Summer 2012 show a model about to return to the backstage, walking at full speed, ran into a nice stumble. Could this be what inspired Bruno Mars for his song Versace on The Floor? …


Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular supermodels of recent years, the idol of many girls and the face of countless advertising campaigns. In 2017 during Moschino’s Fall/Winter show she wore an ankle-length dress with a long tail. This elegant yet annoying detail bothered the model for the whole catwalk walk. However, she skilfully kicked her tail several times to get it away from her feet. Hers looked more like a march of some kind than a catwalk walk, but at least she didn’t find herself upside down.

If you find yourself reading this article, you are either a fashion or a gossip addict. In any case, fashion week is already in itself one of the most loved and followed events, but now keep in mind that you could also see funny falls on the catwalk. Here you have read about a small part of the most frequent tumbles of recent years. In a moment of boredom, sit back and grab a steaming cup of coffee to enjoy an online gallery of runway falls.

There have been no known sightings of fun slips lately, but be prepared for the next time. We are all aware that it is not much fun for the unfortunate woman who falls in front of a dozen paparazzi. However, if taken with the right mood, what happened can become an entertaining part of the show. As the talented Naomi Campbell teaches, it’s better to have a laugh and get up casually than sulking and walking away embittered.

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