Stuck for spring and summer wardrobe ideas? Judith Willis suggests ten of the best Instagram accounts to follow for style inspiration.

Faithfull the Brand (@faithfullthebrand)

This label is OWNING Instagram right now and is the ultimate holiday shop destination. Most of its posts are shot in and around exotic locations using 35mm film, creating a dreamy, nostalgic vibe. The price tags are a little scary but if you just want some gorgeous outfit or holiday inspiration, Faithfull is the brand to follow.

Bec + Bridge (@becandbridge)

Another brand that has a great social media presence. Bec + Bridge’s Instagram reminds me of old school Hollywood but colourised! Infinitely aspirational, glamorous and vibrant, B+B is worn and adored by the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Lack of Color Hats (@lackofcoloraus)

I’m a hat junkie: the bigger the better. Featuring boaters, caps and bucket hats in all shapes, sizes and designs – even if you’re not that into hats, Lack of Colour’s Instagram will make you appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into their products – and will also make you want to book your next beach holiday ASAP.

Aranáz (@aranaz_ph)

Basket totes are all the rage, and they’re the perfect accessory to complete any spring/summer outfit. Aranáz don’t just create basket totes, they create a handheld work of arts! Each bag is handmade and unique due to the intrinsic characteristics of the materials used, and until I find a wealthy rich husband to buy me the whole collection, I will continue to gaze at Aranáz’s Instagram account with heart-shaped eyes.

Zulu & Zephyr (@zuluandzephyr)

This Australian boutique beachwear brand’s Instagram is all about sunkissed skin, sandy hair and cool, clean swimwear. Each shot could be a holiday postcard and if you’re a fan of flat lay photography, Zulu & Zephyr have got it covered.

Seafolly (@seafollyaustralia)

The word “folly” means a lack of good sense or foolishness – I say it would be foolish not to follow this Aussie label that designs swimwear, beachwear and activewear for everybody. Be inspired by their bold statement prints, contrasting textures and beautiful lines.

Bernadette (@bernadetteantwerp)

Quirky, romantic and vibrant silk dresses designed by a mother and daughter duo. This Antwerp based brand is just starting out on Instagram, but it’s full of promise and whimsy.

Straw (@strawlondon)

A small British brand selling vintage straw, wicker and crochet “one-off pieces with a story”. Their Instagram style is coordinated, simple and modern. Follow Straw for true summer handbag porn and also to support it as a flourishing business!

Gillia (@gilliaclothing)

Gillia’s Instagram is the definition of escapism. Similar to Faithfull, Gillia’s feed features magical landscapes, enchanting still life shots and sophisticated women adorned in easy-to-wear summer essentials.

Valentina Muntoni (@valentina_muntoni)

I’m not a huge fan of social media influencers – to me they are just well-dressed sales people. But Valentina Muntoni, co-founder and creative director for clothing collective Rat & Boa, is a style icon and if you’re looking for fashion inspiration, you’ll find it here.

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