Candice brings you sustainable gift wrapping alternatives for a more eco-friendly holiday season.

With the holidays right upon us, presents are stacking up waiting to be wrapped and festively decorated. However, knowing that all that packaging will just be quickly circled back into landfills or recycle centres that may not be able to repurpose it, you may be hesitant to go through the traditional gift wrapping route.

Never fear though, priding ourselves on our sustainability and eco-friendly ethos, we at London Runway cannot pass through the busiest giving time of the year without giving you guys sustainable alternatives! Whether you are an experienced or beginner wrapper, these methods cater to any level, and the best part is that you will also most likely have a majority of these materials already!

Below is a list of ways and examples that you can save the planet and your wallet for the upcoming festive season.


Brown paper bags are the classic alternative to traditional Christmas wrapping. Never a shortage, you can save those bags from your grocery trips or packaging from other shipments you may have received. It also provides the perfect canvas for your creativity to flow. The rustic look can be accentuated with a string tie or colourful ribbon that can also be repurposed!


If you are an avid newspaper reader(though online news is just as great!), you can reuse those papers for wrapping as well. Giving a vintage look, this method repurposes another potential waste. Any extra papers from work or assignments can also be reused to wrap those gifts. Do not be worried about the content of the papers either; just simply draw or write over it!


If you are going the newspaper or brown paper bag route, you can put everything together with sustainable tapes or adhesives. Companies, such as Naturally Wrapt, provide recycled paper tape, or you can switch to washi tape, which is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and, not to mention, aesthetic! Made from rice paper, you can easily play up plain wrapping with cutely designed washi tape. You also will not need to worry about doing it perfectly if you are not the best wrapper. The washi tape can cover any mistakes made!


Putting your present in a tote bag has so many perks to it! Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also acts as an extra gift, a convenient holder, and more! You can reuse an old one or purchase a new one. You can get a printed design or you can get a blank design and decorate it. The possibilities are endless!


Whether you sew or just have leftover fabrics and unused clothing, you can definitely use fabric and cloth to strategically wrap and hide those presents. Probably one of my favourite methods, it is such a cute, accessible, and zero-waste alternative. If you get a fabric scarf, that can be used as a cute accessory later on. Additionally, if you are gifting to someone who sews or crafts, you may see your wrapping in a future project!


A bit more unconventional, but if you are one to decorate the wrappings, you can go above and beyond by exploring the natural surrounding foliage or flora and picking some cute additions (where scavenging is allowed!). To the same effect, hitting up your local antique store and looking through the plethora of trinkets can surface some vintage goodies to accent your wrapping! It is a fun adventure, and it also adds that extra special, personal touch.


Taking inspiration from gift baskets and care packages, you can reuse those baskets or buckets for the holiday season! If you do not have any, your local charity shop, arts and craft store, or hardware store should have some affordable options. Again, it is all about repurposing and the best way is to make the wrapping multi-purpose!


Old jars or mason jars are always a good go-to wrapping alternative! These can be repurposed as drinking glasses or food storage containers. The receiver will definitely be able to find multiple uses for it!


Last but not least, the most sustainable, zero-waste way is always digital gifting. Either getting a gift card, e-book, etc., the possibilities go on and on. They are also perfect last-minute options since you will not need to worry about any shipping delays or carrier complications. Though it may seem less personal for some who may prefer physical gits, the environmental footprint it leaves is next to none.

Hopefully, this guide inspires you to change your plan of action for tackling those presents. Nobody loves cleaning those mountains of leftover wrapping or sticky tape!

If you have an alternative method not listed, we would love to see them!

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