Rhiannon D’Averc reviews the streaming service for all of your drag needs, WOW Presents Plus.

Pop quiz: Where can you watch all of the RuPaul’s Drag Race content in the UK?

If you answered Netflix, then – bzzzt – sorry, you’re wrong! Even the biggest fan is missing out on half the story if you’re only getting your drag fix there. But if you are a big fan, then you might have strayed onto YouTube from time to time and seen the occasional video from WOW Presents, featuring your favourite queens behind the scenes or in their own unique shows.
But where can you actually watch all of that Drag Race content you’ve been missing (including Drag Race Holland, which won’t be available anywhere else when it launches on 18th September)? And where can you watch those interesting-looking shows in full, without interruptions…?

Alright, you’ve probably guessed it from the title of this article – it’s WOW Presents Plus. This streaming service is the world’s leading LGBTQ+ streaming service, and Drag Race is only the tip of the iceberg. There are over 450 hours of content available on their apps and website right now, with plenty more to be added soon – and it’s all unmissable. You can watch it from your computer, phone, tablet, or TV with the right setup – we’ve been watching on an Xbox via the browser and it works fabulously.  Here’s a few of the highlights from WOW Presents Plus, and my thoughts on them!

All Stars Seasons 1-5. The main show seasons 1-12. All of the Untucked episodes. If you love RPDR, this is the one spot where you can get it all at once. No going back and forth to YouTube to try and catch those elusive Untucked episodes that never got televised in
the UK. No searching through listings to try to figure out if you’ve missed a season. They’re right there on the home page, ready and waiting for you to explore all of the drama. Personal favourites? “You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista, you’re a model” and that Sasha Velour rose petal moment (sorry, Shea). If you know, you know.

The Werq the World series is a behindthe-scenes look at some fan favourites as they go on tour, performing to sellout crowds around the world. It has some extremely interesting, intimate, and informative content about queens we all want to know better: Sharon Needles, Aquaria, Valentina, Kim Chi, Latrice Royale, and Violet Chachki are just some of the girls getting a dedicated episode in the first series. Season two just launched and it’s a must-watch. You’ll learn things you never knew about your Drag Race idols, and it puts a whole new spin on their interactions in the Werkroom for All Stars, too. Fascinating and utterly bingeworthy.

Katya and Trixie Mattel have long since made themselves legends on Drag Race, and since then, also through this comedy streaming series. These guys do whatever they want and talk about everything under the sun, which turns out to be not much of anything at all. Who are we kidding? We’d tune in to watch them just sit on a couch next to each other.

Homegrown faves The Vivienne and Baga Chipz have their own morning show as Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher. Anyone who watched RPDR UK Season 1 definitely knew to expect this. Not for the faint of heart, it’s an irreverent take that will leave you rolling with tears of laughter – or cringing inwardly and covering your mouth. The rollercoaster never stops!

If you love your true crime documentaries (Making A Murderer, Don’t Fuck With Cats, et al) then Party Monster is the LGBTQ+ take on the biggest of them all. It’s about Michael Alig, a real-life Club Kid party organiser who lived the life of the party… until he bragged on actual television about the fact he’d killed his roommate and his drug dealer. Whoops. This cannot be missed by murderinos of any orientation.

Warning: do not watch this without a stack of tissues handy. This is a
documentary which won an Emmy for the depiction of Nayyef, a real translator for the US military, who met and fell in love with an Iraqi soldier called Ramadi. It brings home the dangers that LGBTQ+ people face in Iraq and the Middle East, just by risking to fall in love – and it’s a gripping ride as they fight to make their love possible.

The engines will be starting in a brand new country, as Fred van Leer is set to host this new format of the show from the 18th September. Perfect follow-on if you’ve been watching Drag Race Canada! Eight episodes are expected, each at an hour long, and it’s sure to be sickening.
Alyssa’s Secret Magic Moments with Monique Heart Trixie and Katya Save the World Fashion Photo RuView (TWENTY seasons!) Becoming Chaz When the Beat Drops The Last Beekeeper Footage from RuPaul’s DragCon Drag Tots A whole section of beauty and fashion content
… And a few other highlights

  • Alyssa’s Secret
  • Magic Moments with Monique Heart
  • Trixie and Katya Save the World
  • Fashion Photo RuView (TWENTY seasons!)
  • Becoming Chaz
  • When the Beat Drops
  • The Last Beekeeper
  • Footage from RuPaul’s
  • DragCon Drag Tots
  • A whole section of beauty and fashion content

So, how do you get your hands on all this sickening content? You can subscribe from just £3.49 a month, or £35.99 a year (gagworthy!) to get full access to stream whenever and wherever you want. Visit to get your hands on this deal – before they realise how good it is!

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