Dr Jennifer Meyer explains the circumstances that led her from agony to entrepreneurship, and a new book for women.

Agony. Bloodbath. Ambulance.

Words fit for the birthday that led me starting a new business helping women.

It’s 4am the morning of my birthday. I’m on holiday alone in Spain, sitting on the loo, my derriere numb and imprinted with the toilet seat. The pain is intensifying with each strangled breath; I feel as if my bladder is going to birth itself: cystitis has struck again.

When the emergency doctor finally gets to me, she calls for an ambulance right away. It’s bad, I know that, it’s frighteningly obvious from the pools of blood parading my bathroom like a crime scene.

I’m rushed to the emergency department in Benidorm hospital. I feel in safe hands and they nurse me for four days. I’m released without antibiotics and told to fly back to the UK once the bleeding stops.

Back at home now, I’m fitting on the sofa, unable to breathe, as my mum calls for an ambulance.

I have sepsis.

The urinary tract infection was not treated well enough and has spread to my blood. Delirious I may be, but I still hear the doctor tell my mum that I may not make it through the night, as it depends if the antibiotics get to work on time.
Ta-da (spoiler alert), I made it.

The next morning, I’m woozy and make a promise: I am finally going to write that empowering book on bladder health. I start making notes on the back of an envelope, which is all I can get hold of from my hospital bed.

I’m overjoyed to tell you that I kept that promise. The book is called Piss to Bliss and will be out on the 15th November 2019 on Amazon.

The book is a start to the business of globally making a difference in women’s lives.

Piss to Bliss is the first in an upcoming women’s health and empowerment book series.

It will be followed by the non-explicit version Yip-Pee specifically aimed at girls and young teenagers.

There is also an intense online course and Facebook challenges. I’m doing public talks in the UK and the US.

If, like me, you have been talked down to by medics, have been seen as a drama queen on bladder issues, then let me just make this clear:

Cystitis caused by an infection can be life-threatening.

A UTI is a big deal.

Having your life ruined by chronic bladder inflammation is a big deal.

In the book I describe how there are 25 different types of cystitis and offer surprising solutions to overcoming pain and gaining bladder health.

Speak out and get the proper help.

I’m passionate about breaking taboos affecting women and overcoming certain health issues, especially those linked with body shaming, low selfesteem and depression.

Health and wellness are not just physical, they affect all of our levels including mental, emotional, spiritual and social.

It’s time to break taboos around women and liberate ourselves from the social shackles.

What do I mean by that?

Great question.

A taboo is something, a subject, a thought, a belief, an idea, an action, a rule, that we are told to suppress, to hide, to sweep under the carpet, something that one just doesn’t talk about. It is considered rude, embarrassing, offensive, dirty, against the norm, frowned upon, judged, or just plain wrong.

It is also a belief that has been socially accepted, sometimes without question, or a cultural or traditional ideal that, in my opinion, no longer serves us.

Breaking taboos means calling them out. Naming them, exploring them, understanding what they mean and how they may affect us.

Then, if we decide we no longer wish to be a part of that taboo, we unlock the chain that binds us to it. We shed the shackle and walk away for good.

So, breaking a taboo is calling it to attention so we know what we are dealing with.

Liberating ourselves from its shackle is making a conscious decision that we are no longer tied down by that outmoded belief.

We don’t destroy the taboos themselves as we are not able to. They are powerful entities that have been around since man invented them, gathering power with each person who feeds it.

All we can do is unplug ourselves and regain our part of the energy that powered it.

One of the taboos that I break in detail in Piss to Bliss is the one that women need to be ladylike; don’t cuss; don’t sweat; don’t fart; their poo smells like roses; must not have body or facial hair; must take a man’s name in marriage; must not discuss their periods or cystitis in public; must hide their body.


Double standards have gone on long enough between men and women.

By being true to yourself, loud for you stand for, proud for who you are: you find strength.

By accepting our body as it is right now, we empower ourselves to make changes.

By leaving the past behind including all of its shackles, we strive forward with earnest momentum to creating our most vibrant life.

Be authentically you, and know that you are brilliantly enough.

Boom (Mike drop).

Linguistic Clues
I’m fascinated with words and the magic behind them. Our ancestors left clues in our language to help us understand the bridge between metaphysical and physical.

In the book I explain how certain phrases and emotions have links to our bladder.

For example, we say:

I’m pissed off /peeved; to denote irritation or anger.

Getting bladdered; to mean drinking too much alcohol.

I woudn’t piss on you if you were on fire; exclaiming hatred or extreme anger.

Pissing on someone’s grave; shows real disrespect.
I go in detail in the book about the linguistic clues and how emotions and certain blockages can affect our bladder health.

You may be surprised that, in my opinion, the following are all linked to our bladders: frustration, irritation, anger, abuse, disrespect, secrets, poverty beliefs and inauthenticity.

I invite you on a journey to happy bladder health and a powerful selfesteem.


Piss to Bliss: Fed up with cystitis, chronic bladder pain & women’s health issues ruining your life? Welcome to the empowering Happy Bladder Book, by Dr Jennifer Meyer. Join the journey at

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