In this article, Cicilia Brognoli looks into the latest collection of the London-based fashion house Ralph & Russo.

During the last edition of the Paris Haute Couture Week, a London-based fashion house was particularly noteworthy: Ralph & Russo. This is a brand born in 2010 and the sole British brand member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. This is an immense success, as only the labels with a high fashion section can aspire to enter the Olympus of tailoring craftsmanship.

The Autumn-Winter 2020/2021 collection by Ralph & Russo was a triumph of tulle, bright colours, and a perfect combination of tailoring and technology. It was a tribute to the beauty of nature and technological progress. Among the main inspirations, there are flowers and the Seven Wonders of the World. The latter was the backdrop for the very special mock-up photoshoot presented by the brand, as Ralph & Russo chose to offer a stunning digital experience.

Indeed, the fashion house proposed the collection on a selection of real-life models and a digital one, an avatar. This graceful virtual model is called Hauli, a Swahili word meaning strength and power. Two words that immediately make you think of the immense charisma and dedication it took for the designer Tamara Ralph, and many other creative directors, to complete the presentation of their collection in such a particular period. Hauli stands proud and majestic in the photo montage, while she visits the Seven Wonders of the World by walking inside a computer screen. However, the choice to use seven photos depicting the most beautiful places on the planet does not distract from the magnificent clothes. In the presentation video, viewable on the official Ralph & Russo Youtube account, you can see the creative process leading to the birth of the collection. The flowers give inspiration for the colour palette which is a feast of many shades of pink, yellow, lilac, and white. These vibrant tones stand out greatly on the complexion of Hauli, the beautiful ebony-skinned avatar. A peculiarity of this video is the attention given not only to the finished clothes but also to their preparation and the digital process that led to the creation of Hauli.

For all fans of 3D modelling related to fashion and tailoring at the highest levels, this is the perfect video. Very often we forget how much dedication and manual skills are needed to create not only high fashion clothes but also everything we wear daily.

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Image via Ralph & Russo

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