Ralph Lauren Announces “One Year Out” Olympics Collection

Maria Henry explores Ralph Lauren’s announcement that they will be releasing a special collection in support of the 2021 Olympic games.

As we are all aware of at this point, COVID-19 has put life on hold. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which were set to start in on July 23rd, have been no exception and have been pushed back to 2021 as a result of social-distancing measures.

As a result of delaying such a major event, we have seen many fashion houses hold back their Olympic-themed collections in order to capitalise from profits closer to the event. Ralph Lauren, however, have announced that they will release a special Olympic-inspired collection in support of Team USA , in an effort to fundraise for the team and keep the momentum running whilst they prepare for next year’s games.

In a statement on their Instagram they wrote that “with the postponement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we recognise the importance of keeping the spirit of sportsmanship and the Olympic and Paralympic flame burning bright. For this years campaign, we are proud to support the athletes on their extended journey to Tokyo”.

Dubbed the “One Year Out” collection, 25% of the money from each item purchased will be donated to the Team USA fund, helping to support both the Olympic and Paralympic teams as they continue their training for next year.

The collection includes 32 separate pieces, for men, women and children. It consists of hats, shirts, pullovers, and newly-designed versions of the famed Ralph Lauren Polo shirt. The brand explained that the collection was inspired by “the graphic look of the Tokyo 1964 games and incorporates bold visuals, stripes and colour-blocking done in a patriotic and spirited palette of red, white, and blue”.

The collection marks the seventh year that Ralph Lauren would have dressed team USA for the Olympic games and highlights the importance of continuing the tradition even in the face of exceptional situations. Endorsed by numerous athletes such as Alix Klineman, Nathan Adrian and Sakura Kokumai — the collection is set to be a huge success, and in Ralph Lauren’s words, presents the idea that “the dream lives on” for team USA.

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