Rhiannon D’Averc spoke to some of the stallholders at Pure London to get an idea of what their journey has been, how they benefit from attending the trade show, and what exciting things they’ll have to show us in the future.

100 Hail Marys

Tell us about your brand and how you got started?
It started about 16 months ago. My background is in graphic design and illustration, and I moved into marketing – into a corporate job. About 16 months ago I had a property that I sold so that I could selffund this venture. It’s always been something that I was desperate to do – I always designed t-shirts and sweatshirts for my friends back in the day – so I wanted to take the plunge and start designing. It’s aimed at 20-30 year olds. It’s called 100 Hail Marys. My name’s Christian, I’m a Catholic and I need to repent! It’s kind of memorable, you know? I like the fact that it’s got a ‘100’, it’s at the top of lists. We try to be good illustration, good design, quality, but affordable. We like to be a bit provocative without being offensive.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?
I live around East London, I spend a lot of time around there. It’s whatever I’m into at the time really. We try to keep it fresh, we release a collection once every three months, so anything that’s on my mind at the time, we can go out and be quick. A lot of people that are showing here, they’re showing collections for a year’s time. We just don’t do that. We can design something that’s relevant to today, produce it and add it on the market in three weeks’ time.

Are you getting a good response here?
It’s been okay – we’ve been going for less than a year and a half, so at the moment we’re only online. We sell a lot on our website,  and also ASOS Marketplace and Student High Street, places like that. We’ve come here to reach out to retailers and buyers. Not even really to make lots of sales, but to get some feedback and input on where we’re at. What we can improve on to maybe get into stores in the near future. First try, it’s been alright!

What are your dreams for the future?
It’s so competitive, it’s such a hard industry to do well in. There’s so many people doing it, there’s such low barriers to entry. On ASOS Marketplace, for instance, we’re competing against something like another 750 or 800 brands. It’s difficult to make your mark, to get in front of people. It’s tricky. There’s a lot of competition. The shortterm is to make the business sustainable. People like our products, we get lots of return customers. It’s to build a brand that’s got a loyal following that’s going to be around in 5 years’ time, in 10 years’ time. In the near future, getting into stores and getting a bit more exposure. And to keep doing what we’re doing, because I think we’re doing something really interesting.


So, tell us how your brand was born.
The brand was born because the mother of our stylist said: “My daughter, you make a difference with your life, have an important job, because you are great. You have all possibilities forever.”

Are you seeing a good response at Pure?
Many people at Pure, and in London, are very happy to see a brand which is very different from all the other brands. We have many followers and many people are attracted to come over to our interesting items.

What’s the future for you?
In the future, we’re looking at social outreach – the base of searches for our brand, because it’s truly unique, our social networks permitted so many people in the world to know our brand.

What’s it like to have your clothes on the Pure catwalk?
We are very happy to be on the catwalk because it’s very interesting for everyone. It’s very different in terms of production. We’re popular now because of this.

Could you describe the kind of girl that would wear your clothes?
The Sorry I’m Different girl is a girl with a famous, strong personality. She wants to adopt our style of life, she is sure of her life, and she is different to other women.


Describe your brand for us, and what you do?
Almost 5 years ago, my career as an artist, craftswoman, fabric decorator and dyer acquired a new meaning after meeting the owner of the winery Bodegas Monje (www.bodegasmonje.com). I began investigating what I could do in terms of natural dye with the leftovers from his wine’s creation, natural plants and flowers that grow around the vineyard, interpreting recipes of natural ancestral dyeing and techniques from around the world.

Responding to the visitor’s demand to buy my fabrics, scarves, clothes, accessories, most of them unique garments, we (the owner of the winery and me) created “Vinotinte”: a word game which means to dye with wine in Spanish, a registered trademark in constant evolution.

Every day, following the changes of nature, I dye natural fibers and transform them into decorative, fashionable garments. I also work closely with other designers, dyeing special fabrics for innovating projects.

I also work closely with other designers, dyeing special fabrics for innovating projects.

Is there something in particular that inspires you?
My inspiration always appears when someone come to me with a special wish or when I feel there is something I would love to wear and can’t find it anywhere. I can imagine exactly the finished garment or the accessories and if I can’t do all the process myself, I l always look to work with other crafters. Rare raw natural fibers or vintage textile pieces inspire me a lot as well.

Living surrounded by the sea, the mountain, nature gives me each day new starting points for my creations.

What kind of experience did you have at Pure?
Pure London, as my first step out of our local market, has been amazing. Discovering how interested the visitors were into my work gave me a great injection of gratefulness and happiness.

It opened new opportunities I couldn’t have access to, without the financial support of our winery and my local government (www.emprendemodatenerife.com).

Do you have any plans for the future?
My plans for the future are simple. I will continue investigating natural dyeing techniques in my small studio of our beautiful vineyard, creating what I dream so far.

After Pure London, some new projects could arise and I am open to any creative synergy. Time will tell and write the future of our brand.


Describe your brand for us, and what you do?
I am an artist and designer. I have created my own brand and a collection of fashionable scarves for women called “Travelling to dream land”. I am happy to present you my exclusive limited collection of silk scarves with unique personal design, based on my watercolour paintings. The critics say that I am and internationally renowned painter and gifted watercolourist of unmatched and bright individuality. Creating a collection of stylish scarves for women who have a chic, elegant style and inimitable identity, became another revelation of my creativity.

I pay careful attention to the quality of scarves. The scarf edges are hand bordered, and the print is made at the same facility where items by such well-known brands as Salvatore Feragamo, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Bulgari, Furla, Carolina Herrera are fabricated. The gift package is just immaculate!

The distinguishing feature of my collection is its exclusivity as only 150 items of each design are produced. My spring/summer collection is made of silk, while winter/autumn one is in silk and cashmere.

Depending on collection and design, the scarves are available in the following sizes: 50×50 cm, 90х90 cm, 120х120 cm and 140х140 cm. Make presents to yourselves and give these little masterpieces to your loved and dear ones! Every stylish scarf is a story of travelling to a dream land and a masterpiece. Dreams of rest, turquoise sea, freedom and careless happiness, the chicness and luxury of Cote d’Azur, sensuality and bright natural colours. The colours on silk canvas come alive as if we are peeping into another reality and all of a sudden feel ourselves travelling there.

World stars who can afford practically everything are choosing my scarves! And their choice is not occasional! My scarves are real exclusive pieces of art, not lower in quality than items by other internationally renowned brands! Become a part of exclusive club!

Is there something in particular that inspires you?
Yes, nature!!!

What kind of experience did you have at Pure?
There weren’t many visitors and buyers. Maybe because it’s summer and lots of people are on holidays, somewhere near the sea.

Do you have any plans for the future?
Yes, many. I will participate at the salon in Paris. I will do a presentation of my collection in New York in September. There are some projects for a film festival and the museum. I am creating a new collection.

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