PSA: For the love of God, please don’t overpluck your eyebrows in the name of fashion

By Nell Richmond-Tanner

Nicola Peltz-Beckham dazzled alongside her husband last Saturday in a black Givenchy gown at the Academy Museum Gala. However, what took centre stage was her choice to don the latest skinny brow trend, elevating the look drastically. Does this mean that thick eyebrows are well and truly out?

It all started with Cara Delevigne. She was thin, beautiful and well-connected but it seemed that her brows were what set her apart and helped her to achieve supermodel status. Since then, thick bushy eyebrows have stayed their course for over a decade. However, it seems that members of the fashion set are picking up their tweezers once more.

There is something sexy and dangerous about a thin, arched eyebrow. If we take the usually sweet-looking Nicola Peltz-Beckham as an example – her choice to take on the trend transformed her from a pretty woman into a 1920s femme fatale. Therefore, it is no wonder the trend has blown up, with countless celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Lila Moss eschewing thick fluffy brows in recent months.

However, we should be careful not to take on this trend without finding less permanent ways to experiment.

For some unexplained reason, overplucked eyebrows do not grow back. Ask any woman that grew up in the noughties and they will tell you never could grow back the eyebrows they spent countless hours tweezing. When it was no longer fashionable, these women were left eyebrowless.  I have been implored many times by these women to leave them alone. So, as someone with very thick brows, I am deciding to heed their advice. 

It seems Peltz-Beckham herself has used concealer and an eyebrow pencil to achieve the look so I urge you to explore these avenues before committing. As trends often do, bushy brows will come back and we will NOT be caught out like the women who tweezed before us.

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