Primark promises to make sustainable fashion more reasonably priced

Ruth Croft explores how Primark plan to make their sustainable fashion more affordable for all.

In a time where society is seeing many influential brands commit to making their designs more ethically and sustainably sourced, it seems that those on the high street have stopped to listen too. Primark has recently announced that they will be making big changes to the company over the next few years, starting by making all their clothes with sustainably found or recycled materials. This is hoping to have happened in full effect by 2030.

Primark has also promised that the choice to make their designs more ethically viable will not affect the pricing, and that they will endure to maintain their reputable low costs in every aspect of the company.

Like many fashion brands, Primark has expressed an interest in designing clothes in a way that can be reprocessed once they are worn out. This means lowering the manufacturing of garments that contain multiple components, such as cotton t-shirts mixed with polyester threads. Similarly, additions to clothes like zips, dyes, and trinkets make separating the textiles extremely difficult, meaning that they are harder to recycle. Although most clothes are not reutilised into new clothing, even when they are sorted in the right way, they can be processed into carpets or curtains. This means that fashion waste can be reduced.

The high street retailer has also promised to significantly cut down on their carbon emissions across their entire industry.

Primark’s chief executive, Paul Marchant, commented, “Sustainability shouldn’t be priced at a premium that only a minority can afford. Because of who we are, we believe we have the opportunity to make more sustainable fashion choices affordable for all.”

In the UK, where fast fashion has reached an all time high, with more than 300,000 tonnes of used clothing ending up in landfill every year, this is a promising start from one of the biggest high street brands. The result of Primark’s progress to becoming a more sustainable company will be revealed annually to the public.

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