Pacsun releases gender-free spring/summer 2021 collection

Katie Abson looks at Pacsun’s genderless spring/summer collection.  

The American-based retail clothing brand released a gender-free clothing range on March 31st, rooted in youth culture and inspired by the Californian lifestyle.  

Originally founded by Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore in 1982, the company now operates online and across 400 stores in the United States. The brand has since expanded its business internationally, shipping to over 70 countries worldwide, including the UK.  

The spring/summer campaign features colourful t-shirts, patterned shorts, spray-paint inspired joggers, chequered jeans and a selection of shoe wear and accessories. It is styled and worn by style-icon and influential YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, alongside a diverse range of young models, including Bryce Anderson, Herzen Clerge, Charlotte D’Alessio, Nara Aziza, Mathieu Simoneau and Sydney Graham.  

Chamberlain and Anderson both explained why they took part in the campaign: “I took part in this campaign not because it was based around the idea of gender-free clothing, but for the reason that I used to go into Pacsun as a kid for school clothes and was always a bit timid of what I really wanted to wear,” Anderson said. “Participating was a message to my past self and kids today that brands are evolving just as you do during your youth – and with space to evolve in your identity such as clothes, it’s a healthier growth.” 

“We curated and styled our own looks for the Pacsun shoot, and I found myself really gravitating to the gender-free selection,” Chamberlain further commented. “I’ve been feeling the same way at home, building looks from unisex pieces that I can change up with accessories based on how I am feeling.” 

Calli Perez, Pacsun’s Creative Director, said that creating the unisex campaign was “really about shining a light on the future.” She continued by clarifying: “We wanted to bring creative people together and create something for the youth, really inspired by everyone that makes up the Pacsun family.” 

Brie Olson, Chief brand officer for Pacsun, said: “Everything that we do at Pacsun is built on youth culture, so we love to let our young community really lead the style conversation and reflect how they want to express themselves and what they feel comfortable wearing.” 

In January, Pacsun also introduced a genderless scholarship program in which Fashion Scholarship Fund alumni will be selected to collaborate and work with Pacsun’s creative director to create a series of limited-edition unisex collections. They will be available to purchase later this year. 

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