by Charlie Whitehand

Lavender and Lillie are a luxury home fragrance and cosmetics brand, inspired by the recollection of memories through senses.   The family business is run by Lillie and Christopher Edgar. They are celebrating their second anniversary with the success of their four wonderful fragrances and signed stockist Fortnum & Masons.   The brand has already launched candles, diffusers, hand & body wash/lotion, soap and hand cream in four different fragrances. Each scent and illustration is based on Lillie’s memories and experiences. Praslin, Seychelles was inspired by Lillie’s childhood home; Palace Road, India is based on Lillie’s visits to India to see her grandparents; Dover Street, London to remember Lillie’s adventures in the capital; and Grand Canal, Venice to evoke the place where Lillie got married.

The brand puts a strong emphasis on design and maintain that their products are to enhance any home, whether traditional or contemporary.
In addition, for their home fragrances they have used handmade porcelain containers with individually crafted lilies on their lids.

Their plan is to expand their home collection with the addition of a new fragrance, Ngorongoro, Tanzania. The new fragrance will have you drifting the mysterious heart of Africa with a rich and musky Ngorongoro aroma. The addition of this unreservedly earthy fragrance, with leather and patchouli, brings you the wild wonder of the dramatic landscape of East Africa which Lillie & Chris explored together 10 years ago.   Ngorongoro, Tanzania candles (£42) and diffusers (£48) will be available online from the end of November, followed by a skincare collection which will be released later in the new year.

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