Inspired by their popular ‘Coach Pillow’ bag, Coach have installed an inflatable pillow-like installation in London’s Soho Square.

The installation is part of a collaboration with French artist Cyril Lancelin and was created to celebrate London’s reopening. The balloon structure itself is a soft pink and has been designed in Lancelin’s classic geometric style, resembling a giant inflatable maze and paying tribute to the famous Pillow bag by weaving in Coach’s famous ‘C’ signature.

The Pillow Tabby bag is Coach’s latest ‘it’ bag and has been all over Instagram and Tik Tok. The Pillow Tabby, which comes in two different sizes and multiple colour selections is a unique shoulder bag that has a soft pillow texture.

Having taken several months to construct, the structure, which dominates Soho Square, is made up of polyester fabric sewn into tubes and then inflated with air.

“When it’s not inflated on the floor it looks like a giant puzzle. Until it’s finished you don’t see anything, you need to inflate it to see it’s shape. It’s very efficient,” says Lancelin.

Whilst it might be tempting, climbing on the installation is not encouraged as it is designed for people to walk around and look at, made to be a comforting escape from the outside world.

For those wanting a modern twist, there is an added AR element, making the structure come to life digitally through an augmented reality treasure hunt, giving visitors the opportunity to unlock prizes and experiences. 

The experience is in Soho Square until 8pm on April 10th and then is moving on to Berlin and Dubai.

Words: Lucy Brown

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