The organisers of Miss TransBeauty share their outlook with us, and why they’re putting together a pageant specially for transgender entrants.

Within the fashion industry and in our day to day life, diversity is something to be celebrated and recognised as it represents expression, individuality, and variety. It can often be overlooked and in many ways be met with prejudice and scrutiny. With this in mind, London Organic Beauty along with Starvision Productions wants to provide an opportunity for fashion and beauty to meet those in the trans community. They are creating a beauty pageant which will allow candidates the means to articulate the challenges and stories they encounter while transforming from a man to trans women.

The aspect of giving a voice to candidates to share their personal experiences is what sets apart this event from others like it. The initial idea of the beauty pageant was conceptualized last year by Starvision Events, Ela Hidalgo (the Company Director, Founder and Event Organiser) and Randy Silverio (the Stage & Creative Director and Choreographer), and they have come together with London Organic Beauty. It is being held open for all trans women to compete in.

Miss TransBeauty will be hosted in stunning South Kensington and will happen in sunny July. It will be an event with the purpose of bringing together those in the trans community who are facing similar issues; it will bring awareness and better understanding of their lives and the challenges a transgender person has to face. It will promote equality to trans people, recognising their value as a citizen within society. The event will also help support and promote Starvation Beneficiaries of the less fortunate children of Upper Pao Norte and Upper Abut, La Union, in the Philippines. This support will help to provide the children with their basic needs, school supplies and other equipment needed for their growth and development.

The event itself will see candidates compete in 6 categories: CULTURAL WEAR; SWIMWEAR; CASUAL; LONG GOWN; TALENT; and Q&A. Within the categories, contestants will be sponsored by designers who will provide fashion pieces and entire outfits for the individual categories. There will be prizes for first place, second, and third place as well as complimentary gifts for runners up. Guests will include bloggers and influencers, celebrities, singers, photographers, and other industry professionals to support this amazing event.

Looking to some of our wonderful contestants, they were asked why they are taking part and what they are looking forward to with this event. Their responses are as follows:

“I joined this pageant to have a sense of achievement and fulfilment. Likewise, the excitement I may experience and memories I make here is beyond measure in worth for widening my social horizon and understanding of people. My primary reason for joining this pageant is to develop and boost my self-esteem. Likewise, it is a great privilege and honour to become one of the candidates of this pageant, since the organisation will be helping the charities and assisting us in promoting them through the organisation’s various programs and activities.” – I. M.  

“I simply want to join because I want to showcase my confidence and personality and hopefully, to inspire not only the younger transgender generations but everybody, for everybody to see that anyone can be who they want to be.” – A.O.

“I’m taking part in this competition not to prove my ability to compete. However, to share my life as a unique individual who is capable to live life normally as a person who is confident to face obstacles.”   – M.A.

London Organic Beauty and StarVision Production, like the contestants involved, are super excited for this event and what it means for the trans community and all those participating!

Watch this space for our coverage of Miss TransBeauty 2019.

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