Mango Announces its Commitment to New Sustainability Targets

Katie Abson looks at Mango’s commitment to building a more sustainable future for their brand.  

Mango has announced new sustainability targets for their “Committed Collection” and how they aspire to build an entirely sustainable brand in the forthcoming years.  

Mango now aims to produce garments that align with their “Committed Collection” principles, which include: “100% of our cotton will be sustainable by 2025”, “50% of our polyester will be recycled by 2025”, and “100% of our cellulose fibres will be of controlled origin by 2030.” 

Currently, 79% of Mango products have “sustainable properties,” but the company wants to make garments that are 100% environmentally friendly by 2022.  

“A garment is committed if it contains at least 30% of sustainable fibres in the composition of its main fabric or has been produced with responsible processes,” Mango outlines on their website. “We’re committed to designing more sustainable products, with more environmentally-friendly fibres and processes.”  

Mango launched their Second Chance Initiative in 2020, where they have since donated 42 tonnes of garments to be reused or recycled. They have also installed Second Chance containers in Mango stores globally, where the Mango community can recycle clothes and footwear from any brand.  

Mango is working toward “gradually eliminating the use of plastic polybags, the plastic wraps used by our suppliers, and replacing them with paper bags throughout our production chain.” The brand hopes to eliminate up to 160 million plastic polybags annually.  

In terms of transparency and traceability, “by 2022, Tier 1, 2 and 3 factories will be publicly exposed.” Mango says they will begin by posting a list of Tier 1 factories that have produced clothing for their company in 2020 in their response to the requirements of the Transparency Pledge Standard. Mango further disclosed that the company is “under the supervision of the Bilateral Agreement with CCOO Industry trade union,” and that a mandatory requirement in their Code of Conduct aims to protect the rights of the workers involved in their supply chain.  

Lastly, Mango continues to “improve our sustainable practices in order to accomplish the goals we set when we signed the Fashion Pact in 2019,” which includes reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. The brand will reveal its targets to reduce gas emissions this year.  

Mango’s CEO Toni Ruiz comments, “We have made the commitment to continue working to become a more sustainable company. This is why we are taking huge steps with very ambitious projects that will allow us to minimise our impact and achieve the strict sustainability targets we have set ourselves.” 

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