In this article, Cicilia Brognoli covers the announcement just made by the British Fashion Council (BFC) regarding the Fashion Week of September 2020.

The next edition of London Fashion Week (LFW) will partially go back to physical fashion shows, always accompanied by digital events. Brands are not obliged to have a traditional fashion show – for this reason, LFW will be a mix of physical and digital events. Hoping that the current health emergency will continue to improve, there is good hope for the next fashion week that will see insiders, influencers, and VIPs back in their front row seats.

Maximum priority will be given to the staging of engaging yet safe live events, always in compliance with the precious Government safety regulations. The digital LFW platform used in the previous edition of Fashion Week will continue to be used. The big change that this health emergency has brought is the opening of fashion industry doors to people who don’t work in this sector. For many people, the fashion industry has always been impenetrable and not very accessible. In this way, digital content will be available to both consumers and the trade audience.

Many brands have announced from the digital Fashion Week of this June that they want to make their shows genderless or even seasonless. The BFC has confirmed that September 2020 will be the first gender-neutral Fashion Week. All fashion lovers should write down these dates 17th- 22nd September as it will be an unmissable event of cool presentations.

For example, Burberry has already announced that its show is planned for September the 17th and will be a nature-themed experience. The choice of staging an outdoor show was already embraced by other brands during the presentation of the Spring/Summer 2021 collections in Paris and Milan. Burberry’s decision matches the heritage of the brand, born in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, a gentleman with a passion for outdoor activities. Beside founding one of the most renewed labels, he invented the fabric gabardine and he designed the iconic trenches. These are fashionable items craved by all fashion lovers, however, they were first used by the British Army. The next Burberry fashion show will be an ode to the roots of the brand, the beauty and simplicity of nature. In this way, the attendees will be able to enjoy the collection while respecting social distancing, and the online global community will immerse itself in a pleasant digital fashionable trip.

Waiting for the next Fashion Week which will certainly be an interesting combination of digital and physical fashion shows, you can take a look at the Spring / Summer 2021 collections just presented. The hope is that the fashion industry will restart with its traditional busy schedule. However, it is hoped that digital events will be maintained to make a wider audience participate in these wonderful events.

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