Kate Moss launches partywear collection with Zara

Long-standing holder of the ‘cool girl’ title, supermodel Kate Moss is the face of a sophisticated collection of party clothes for Zara.

The range, designed to function as a capsule wardrobe, is all sleek finishes and elegant lines. Featuring metallic silver and black as its main colours, its shapes and the styling in the campaign photos by David Sims evoke a strong sense of 90s nostalgia. Within the collection are dresses, trousers, heels, and blazers.

The standout designs are clearly the dresses, the most eye catching of which is an asymmetric mini dress in a draped metallic silver material. It features a belt in the same material that ties at the waist, and a skirt that has a fit-and-flare shape. The metallic silver, whilst eye-catching, manages to remain somewhat understated because of its gunmetal tone.

The photograph for this piece is dynamic. Staged like a paparazzi photograph, Kate Moss appears to be leaving an event. Over the dress she casually wears the white blazer included in the collection. We are given the impression that the whole range works together no matter what you throw on.

Similar to the mini dress, the same metallic silver takes the form of a maxi camisole dress (which is also available in black). This shape leans into the simple silhouettes of the 90s that have been growing in popularity. With very few embellishments, this dress is also coupled with a blazer, once again promoting an effortlessly chic aesthetic.

Finally, a draped black mini dress featuring a diamanté halter neck that goes all the way around the hem at the top of its low back is perhaps the most effortless. Barely visible in the campaign photograph, only the halter neck is seen as Moss laughs over a table. The message is clear: the collection is designed in the image of the 90s party girl, not the other way around.

By having the dress concealed in the photograph, the emphasis is on the wearer; Zara is selling us the idea that we can have the Kate Moss party girl lifestyle in these clothes. The simplicity of the line, its limited colour palette, and classic silhouettes place attention on the person within the clothes, who, by wearing them, will become the beautiful, lively, ‘it’ girl that Kate Moss represents in this campaign.

You can read more of Em’s work on her twitter @emponcia

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