With notable features and performances at BBC Introducing and Jazz Café, Born and raised London artist, rapper, and creative Harun Rune delves into his multi-faceted career and shares with us inspirations and passions for creativity!

Who are you and what do you do?

Harun Egwenu, professionally known as Harun Rune.

I’m a creative artist, model, and FASHIONISTO from London. I also make short films, and I’m an art and business director. I work with creatives worldwide and produce content for my growing fanbase.

What got you into the industries that you are in currently?

You may have seen that I first emerged and gained some relevance by appearing on BBC Radio with my musical releases. I began to perform and network in the city at fashion events and screenings and now participate with an international presence. I am known to release rare and unique music, fashion, and cultural pieces, and I have an active following in:

– Britain

– The United States

– Canada

– Europe

– Tokyo

– Latin America

What fuels your creativity and drive?

I’d say that the city I come from and the scene I grew up in facilitate my creative drive. I love to make new things and use my talents to enrich my life and the lives of others. I’m inspired by the things I see and the people I meet, as well as the places I’ve travelled to and things I will do in the future.

What about London stands out to you most, both personally and as a creative? If you could create anywhere else, where would it be?

London is a great British city that stands out within Europe and the World. It’s an international city with a global presence and unique sense of style and language. On my side of North London, ‘The Northside’, we talk exquisite and handle our life in a clean and tasteful manner.

I recently moved into the city centre #EC1V, an active place full of banks, skyscrapers and a metropolis like skyline. I shop in covent garden, which is also an amazing place where fashionable people congregate and enjoy themselves. I grew up near Central Saint Martins, which is a world renowned fashion college and live close to the University of The Arts London (UAL) and The University of Law.

Is there anything interesting the readers should know about you or your work?

I write all my works and treatments and direct a majority of the productions I am involved in. A fun fact is that I naturally wear and talk about the brands and publications I am affiliated with too, which is cool because I’ve always enjoyed being active and influencing the different things I like in a creative way.

What do you have in the works now, and when will they be released?

I have a number of fashion photoshoots in the works— collaborations with European brands and videos that will be released with my project ‘GOLD’, an official musical release I worked on in London. Also expect new designs, animations, and content towards the end of this year and at the start of 2022 where I will be consistently dropping new pieces and creations.

You mentioned your ‘GOLD’ project. What is the project about, and what is the concept behind the video releases?

‘GOLD’ is something I have been working on for some time, representing true values and taste.

With a selection that ages like fine wine, I used production from all over the world and created a full length release boasting ten quality compositions. The songs are aimed at an audience that can relate to living with a balance of work, leisure, food, and holistic health and beauty. You may hear it while shopping for designer clothing or furniture, your favourite restaurant or private members club, or in serene places such as hotel lobbies, rooftop bars and private hire vechiles.

My visuals are unique and provide conceptual excellence in the form of exuberant creativity bursting with a LUXE appeal that has an authentic and relevant edge. We use high quality cameras, lenses, and lighting to set the scene for ‘Movies’. The narrative encompasses what is being discussed in the score. I want credits and money in the right places so we keep it respectful and expensive.

What is the most memorable moment you have had on stage or on a shoot? and why?

Working alongside WILLVISIONS Media on my fashion concept shoot for MOSCHINO on a vogue inspired piece based on the legendary videos and stars of VH1 and MTV in the Modern Age was one. Unique acts like Madonna and culture creators, like the illustrious Karl Lagerfeld and American Hero, Ralph Lauren, paved the way for me. Keeping in mind trendsetters and brands like Stussy, Pharrell Williams, and new age style icons, like ASAP Rocky and Lana Del Rey, who have moved the scene forward so much.

Being a celebrity means you must celebrate, so we definitely got that done on camera and gave viewers a touch of my starlight 💫. The video is performing quite well within the Vimeo community, which is quite a reserved and authentic audience. I was surprised at how I began to be spotted in public, and my image is becoming more well known in places I never imagined at all. A life changing transition, my life has always been LIT but I have to thank those who have supported me over the last few years.

What are some past works that really pushed you creatively?

My concept shoots for my clothing brand CTW (Cloudy Tribe Worldwide) were an amazing chance for me to exercise authority in that creative lane. The challenge was to keep the playful and colourful appeal of streetwear while maintaining a sexy commercial outlook for my consumers. Our brand is culturally autonomous and references popular art pieces, architecture and cinema.

Who is one artist/designer/creative you would love to collaborate with, and what kind of work would you want to produce?

Karrueche. As time goes by, the story will unfold about my past as a bit of a teen icon in London. I have done many things and have had the chance to meet, socialize, and connect with stars and talented individuals in ways you could not imagine. I would like to work in film, especially in the production of high quality TV and as a stylist or art director for the most beautiful women in the world.

I’d also like to work with talented musicians like Young Thug, Miguel, and Paigey Cakey. Of course, Corrine Bailey Rae and models like Lauren London too. Another name I will mention is Director Kid Art, whom I am noted for discovering early in his career.

Where do you see yourself going next?

I see myself receiving more acknowledgment stateside and in Canada, pushing into a new space/zone where I can collaborate with more established and notable contemporaries. Meeting the icons and solidifying a place for myself within the networks, scenes, and circuits I want to be in.

What has been your most regrettable style choice? (part of our The Big Question Series)

As a FASHIONISTO, I’m known as a stylish man that has no room for this; we can’t afford mistakes on this side.

I like to keep suave with solid colours and a smooth finish. It’s all about fits where I see myself as plus size due to my height and the equivalence of what we call ‘Thick’ over here when referencing a woman with a nice fit body (Winning) that can’t be described in any other way. This is rare for a virile man in modern fashion that’s why I’m here to break traditions and live outside of the box.

Are there any brands, as a fashionisto that gets you excited?

Designer Brands and Fashion Houses I’m currently interested in and wearing are:

MOSCHINO of Course





I also wear CHANEL fragrances and await their designs for a man of my calibre. I will not lie this year it has been CHANEL and RALPH LAUREN that took it home for me as a consumer. I love their designs for women and some of the work that has been presented with Penelope Cruz.

You said you liked suave colours. If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be? (part of our The Big Question Series)

I would have to pick a few. I love Black, the rich tones of a dark maroon, and the glinting romantic auras created by gold and diamonds. You need all of these colours for the classy-casual appeal I mix with streetwear.

Look out for more Harun Rune! #Itsa London Thing #CatchTaste

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Twitter @harunrune

Facebook @harunefromlondon

Soundcloud @runeyrune


Art director – Harun Rune

Photographer – Kai Campbell

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