Cheyanne Greig-Andrews interviews Susanna Merrick, intuitive aura reader and founder of a truly unique personal styling business, Aura Wear.

Susanna Merrick is a New York Citybased personal stylist with an approach unlike any other. Her company, Aura Wear, combines her energetic gift of reading auras with her love of fashion to help her clients look and feel their best through all of life’s seasons. Auras are the electrical frequency emitted by all living things, also known as our electromagnetic field. Susanna believes that personalized colour and style choices can profoundly support or shift your energy for the better.

I had the opportunity to talk to Susanna about Aura Wear to learn more about the healing power of colours and what to expect from an in-person or online consultation.

Can you give us an overview of how dressing for your aura works?

Aura Wear is fundamentally based on incorporating energy techniques for all aspects of life. When we are tuned-in to and understand the colours our energy is communicating, we can set intentions, and take steps, to better satisfy our needs. Colour is a powerful tool we can use to make life-changing adjustments. Aura Wear is about supporting our current state through colour and self-expression – and incorporating this into our wardrobe. Our style is always evolving; our auras tell us a lot about our authentic and personal style. Our style deserves a thoughtful approach and a closer look.

When did you first become aware of your energetic gifts and how did that manifest into your personal styling business?

Essentially, I’ve always experienced auras and energies around people. However, it wasn’t until 2016/17 that I really started to step into these gifts. I was working at a church and through that, I really started to step into my spiritual path. I also experienced a deep loss which really created my spiritual journey. I lost my mother at that time and kind of lost everything. From that I found my path, it was seriously just a download. I took all of the things I was doing at that time and put them together. I felt really called to start my styling business.

I noticed that there was a big space in the market as well. I went looking for someone who could spiritually help me and step into my alignment by using aesthetic and I couldn’t find anything, that’s how Aura Wear started. It started from a need, something I needed myself.

With everything going on in 2020 have you noticed any themes in the auras you’ve read lately? In general, is it possible to notice collective trends in auras or are they strictly individual reflections?

Yes, I definitely noticed themes of particular colours at particular times collectively. Definitely this year it’s been about blue and green energy. Green with people reevaluating and blue, that serene, calm, peace from people being at home and things slowing down. Also, that energy of wanting to be of service. A lot of us aren’t doing anything and as humans, we feel it’s important that we step into positions of service, gratitude, and giving – so blue has really been there.

Blue also reflects someone who might be lower vibrationally and/or going through something. Same with green; green can be a colour of healing. If someone’s going through a big season of growth or expansion and/or going through some big emotional wounds to level up to the next place they need to be spiritually, green is usually there. It has been very present this year. Also, a lot of people are working with pink energy. Pink is the colour of tenderness and compassion. Women have been dying their hair pink recently and a lot of that is us stepping into our feminine power and just generally being more tender and gentle.

Winter is in our midst – are there any colours that people could benefit from wearing during the colder months?

Yes, we are talking about black and white right now. These two colours are here to help us go a little bit deeper. When we think about the solstice and shorter days it’s an energy and time to start healing wounds. With the pandemic and everything at the moment people aren’t able to go home, we’re not getting that same time, so we are really having to start with a clean slate. Start new traditions, do new things, black and white can really help support you.

How would you suggest people to start introducing colour in their wardrobe if they are typically colour-phobic?

You don’t have to go out and buy a new wardrobe. You don’t have to wear colour from head to toe. I think it is as simple as intentionally working with colour. I have a lot of beautiful rituals and systems I believe are important when working with colour to use it as a tool for manifestation. Ultimately, colour can be a tool to rewire your neurons and your mindset but it’s also important to assign your emotions and feelings to it and connect to that colour energetically. Adding colour could be as simple as a little nail polish, a bracelet, or a hat – you don’t have to go crazy with colour. You can start subtly, like things with gentle undertones, this can really help support you.

How do sustainability and slow fashion principles play in your business?

Energy styling is the practice of gathering garments that align with our aura, harnessing our innermost energies, and projecting them outward to give them added strength, power, and punch. Fashion has become like fast food these days, it’s all junk and is just a quick fix. I’m aiming to help find health and balance in their personal style and wardrobe. It’s about having a conscious carbon footprint and ethical spending habits on clothes that haven’t been made by those in unfair work conditions.

A healthy closet means shopping ethically and responsibly. This is what I teach my clients by introducing them to designers and brands I love, that are not only asking ethical choices but who are actively working to make changes too. It’s not going to happen overnight, but we can work to start changing habits to bring forth a better way of interacting with our clothes while building a deep appreciation for them.

What does a consultation with you look like, and does it differ for in-person or online clients?

My most popular service! In your fullspectrum aura reading and colour consultation, this is my introduction to all things Aura Wear. Once you’ve had your first reading you will be able to access all of our services, from intuitive coaching to personal styling sessions, but this is our time to connect and learn about your energy. In our session together we will dive into the many layers of your aura and explore through an oracle card spread and conversation.

As your colours are revealed to me through conversation, we will examine what they mean for you along with how you can work with them to call-in or remediate certain energy patterns in your life. To end our session together, I will provide holistic lifestyle advice and a selection of personalized auraenhancing colours that will support your present aura and help you thrive.

The 90-minute session is perfect for those looking for deeper insight into their colour energy layers, as we have more time together to investigate your questions and intentions prompted by an expanded oracle card set. All readings are offered virtual and do not differ from my past in-person sessions.

Last, but not least, how would you describe your personal style, and what colours are you presently utilizing to support your own aura?

My personal style is forever changing and evolving, but I would say it’s an ever-changing orchestra on reinvented vintage pieces with whacky contemporary concoctions. I want my closet to always feel like a dress-up treasure chest. I love Ganni, Rachel Comey, Mr. Larkin and La Double J but will forever hold a place in my heart for vintage Gucci finds.

Learn more about Aura Wear and Susanna’s services at

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