Interview: Simon Mo

Rhiannon D’Averc spoke to Simon Mo after his presentation, which featured animal statues and racing drumbeats alongside models accessorised with collars and fur tail earrings.

Images by Simon Armstrong

LR: Tell us a little bit about the show!

Simon: It was based on one of my dreams, I was able to talk to animals. When I got up, I felt that I should do a collection for animals, so I started to research the human relationship with animals and the history. I was very surprised that our lives actually have a lot of things to do with animals. But I didn’t want to do a literal animal collection. What I wanted to do was more a topic of how can we protect them, and how can we free them, in a good way. So I wanted to find that good, innocent time when we were little, how we loved animals.

LR: Tell us about the charity that you’re working with, Freedom for Animals.

Simon: It’s quite surprising that there are still very good charity groups that are doing very good things for animals. I have cats at home, and I feel animals are our lifelong friends. We don’t use them – we need to be with them. We need to create a good environment for animals. I did a lot of translation in my mind, for example the crochet and knitwear, and there’s a lot of prints. There’s a circus element. Sometimes we want to wear fur, and it’s very harmful, but we’re making it into a print or making it into something else, to keep the spirit.

LR: There’s lots of different textures that we noticed, and the accessories too. The collars with bells.

Simon: I wanted to portray the idea into the accessories and integrate the atmosphere. If youare wearing a bell with a chain, then how do you feel? There is a lot of emotion I wanted to put into this collection. I wanted people to be in my dream.

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