We saw that you’ve just been signed. Congratulations! Tell us about your new album.

Yes thank you, “WE R VERIFIED” is the new label. They will handle my distribution and management. Now a lot of my fans was shocked as I just signed a deal with “UNITED MASTERS” where I can release when I like and what I like and keep all my masters. So to see me sign was a shock to them, sooooo many messages, but I’d like to say: reasonings behind it is I’m a brand, a business. and to push myself to the maximum potential I need to be in more places to be heard and seen more and that means taking the help if beneficial. The album is done, we have 3 singles coming before that though. It’s about to be SLIME SEASON.

What shows did you go to see at LFW February 2022?

I went to two Lone Design Club shows and party, Dumebi brand show, Fabric floor open studio.

How has making music changed for you since the beginning of the pandemic?

Now I just love recording on my own, like most of my hits from SLATTY to PLEASE and SOLID I done with just me present. I always have people around but couldn’t so found myself going harder without any doubt. Nobody to say it’s not lit, I learnt to trust my instincts on my own music more. This is an art form for me so I take this so seriously.

What sustainable brands do you wear/like?

I think Valentino, Versace, Taxfree, Polo, 1hundredclub, Crooked Tongues and even Zara men hold good sustainable clothing. I’m trying to support independent brands more but a lot of brands be cheap and cloudy.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your lyrics?

I’m a prince amongst men but I came from the hood, so all of my lyrics whether hood, girls, money, sex to mental issues, love, being different and making a whole new UK sound etc, are based on and all things I feel and been through. My life has always been a movie and circus, I just  document it. A lot of songs based on relationships are wishful thinking though trying to speak in existence and that. I  have 320 unreleased songs, I record 3 songs a day In my home studio, I have over 5000 pictures so my legacy gonna be unforgettable. Remember me as a legend and king. Me and itsyungonthatrack started this 808 hip hop in UK 2015, a mix between our UK and USA heritage, If it weren’t for us there would be no nsg, no cbiz , especially no dblock Europe.  I’m younger and actually a creative so it’s minor and people starting to give my flowers. Like I did a song/video when back from USA 2016 called “wiping ya nose” on grmdaily people in UK didn’t overstand and thought hmmm is Bate crazy. So much grm said their channels audience doesn’t like the sound. Now forward 5 years later, EVERYONE WANNA BE ME.

Do you feel pressure to keep up a public image on social media?

No pressure. I naturally am lit. Music or not, fashion or not, before all of this in real life I been that slime, that guy. Now I make hella money from two things I love so no pressure, I’m too blessed to stress.

Do you have any upcoming news/announcements you wish to share?

MY ALBUM “PUT A KROWN ON IT” is out now all digital platforms. I got loads of branding deals secured for this year. Fashion week we going different in summer. I got my own brand YOU AINT SLIME coming. Just keep focused on me 2022 I will be in UK and USA a lot.

Add my gram and TikTok @batenateh

Snapchat @batenateadl

Twitter @batenatehysl

Shout out young stoner life records and The Take over inc that’s my USA natives who done so much for me in terms of behind the scene works and playlists.

Shout out to minko and we are verified.

Shout out my mums and my daughter, this for you x.

Love you London Runway

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