Instagram Rolls Out Reels

Darcey Sergison writes about the latest feature released on Instagram. 

Last week Instagram released their latest feature to make videos on its platform. Reels allow users to record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools. These videos can be shared to user’s feeds as well as featuring in the wider community on the explore page if you have a public account.

To make a Reel for your account, you select the Instagram camera to see multiple editing tools. These tools allow users to control effects, speed and alignment, and more. Reels allows creatives to refine their editing skills and produce new, exciting content for their Instagram. 

Many accounts have tried this new feature out. In particular, fashion industry insiders have been among the first to enhance the use of this tool to encourage a cult following. The aim of using this feature is to attract younger audiences to their platforms, particularly with luxury brands concerned about COVID-19 effects on their business.

Among the best include Karlie Kloss creating a Reel of her best catwalks from around the world throughout her career. Unlike normal video options for feeds on Instagram, these shorter Reels are easier to view more content while swiping through these on explore pages. 

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REELY missing the runway right about now…

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Louis Vuitton is one of the first traditional fashion houses to create Reels. Featuring their cruise collection, these Reels have over 5 million views each. This is a prime example of the adaption to communication with the digital age.

Balmain has also created unique videos to catch users’ attention. Creating quirky and summer-inspired Reels, Balmain has found yet another platform to advertise their products. While adapting to live streaming fashion shows, such as this season’s couture show on the River Seine in Paris, Reels are another extension of their expertise in transforming fashion for digital marketing and retail. 

However, there has been some questioning about the similarity to hit app TikTok since Reels has been launched. TikTok sent a cheeky retweet, saying Instagram’s feature looked “familiar”.

Facebook-owned Instagram has been accused of similar copycat features in the past. But Silicon Valley is a hub of innovating features from competitors. A Facebook spokesperson said the company’s goal was to “add relevant features and experiences that meet our community where they are”.

With many users unsure about the success of Instagram’s latest feature, leading fashion houses and influencers pave the way for the latest platform. Next time you’re browsing through what to post on your feed, consider creating a Reel to be part of the newest trend. 

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