IKEAs newest venture

Darcey Sergison looks at IKEA’s newest collection, which is not what you may first assume.

IKEA’s Japanese branch has recently released its first branded merchandise collection. The brand is traditionally iconic for its homeware and in-house canteen with fantastic Swedish dishes. With the logo and iconic shopping bag becoming a synonymous brand feature, ten clothing and accessory pieces have been launched. 

Called Eftertrada, which is Swedish for a successor, the new merchandise is sure to be a huge success. The clothing and accessories, which feature t-shirts to bottles, are adorned with IKEA’s logo and the barcode of the Billy shelving system. 

Set to be extended, with the collection sure to be a hit, this collection was established due to the high demand from around the world for IKEA merchandise. On their website, they state: “High-end fashion brands have paid homage and brought IKEA’s design to the catwalk, whilst fake logo t-shirts are commonly seen in the streets of Tokyo. Now it’s time for the real thing with the launch of the ‘EFTERTRÄDA Collection’.”

Over recent years bootleg copies of the iconic logo have grown in popularity on online platforms, including Depop. Refashioning the bags into tops and fashion statement pieces, IKEA has taken the step to make their own statement with this latest collection. 

Last year, they created their first accessory piece: a bucket hat. This stylish piece was made from upcycling the iconic blue shopping bag with IKEA emblazoned across the front. This immediately blew up with many fans tweeting IKEA asking where they can find one. 

High fashion has also taken IKEA to the catwalk with Balenciaga copying their blue bag for a collection in 2017. Priced at £1,600 for the designer bag, IKEA created a comic advert on how to identify an original IKEA FRAKTA bag for 40p. In a statement to Today, an Ikea spokesperson said: “We are deeply flattered that the Balenciaga tote bag resembles the IKEA iconic sustainable blue bag […] Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag.” 

The Eftertrada Lookbook campaign behind this collection focuses on stylish young models in their homes. IKEA said: “Unlike our usual catalogue, the EFTERTRÄDA Lookbook takes an unfiltered look at the small space living of young, fashionable Tokyoites inside their real homes.” This highlights an authentic understanding of modern living and how fashion is increasingly part of this importance to younger generations.

IKEA has been traditionally associated with homeware, but with this latest collection, the company is set to add fashion to its product lists. Next time you are in IKEA, be sure to bag one of these sure to be iconic pieces. 

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