How to make the best of your second-hand clothes

Darcey Sergison looks at the latest second-hand clothes trend.

Buying second-hand doesn’t mean you are stuck with old-fashioned designs but instead can inspire creations by redesigning items. This latest trend of DIY home creations using second-hand finds allows you to create your dream items. By buying material or silhouettes you love, you can then customise them to create unique clothes to make a statement.

Second-hand clothes from charity shops and thrift shops can be oversized or too long, but with the use of simple scissors and a sewing kit, or sewing machine, it won’t take long to feel like a designer creating your adjustments. Sometimes it can seem daunting taking scissors to material or making the first stitch, but there are simple and easy techniques you can use. 

With more people on social media promoting second-hand clothes, there is plenty of room to be inspired. I find it really helpful to search for larger sizes in second hand clothes that I can then redesign with more room for error. With extra material from one size up from your actual size, you give yourself room to make mistakes if it is your first-time redesigning clothes or you can use excess to make another item or accessory. If you flip a shirt this is a great piece to make extra accessories, such as headbands and hair ties. Alternatively, you can even make a two-piece outfit out of one oversized top, creating a cropped top and skirt with an elasticated waist. 

If you’ve made any thrifty purchases into its with a new lease of life, make sure to enter our current competition!

I have found that YouTube is a great resource for videos on how to flip second-hand clothes into a brand-new item to wear. These videos have inspired me to design and rethink different pieces of clothing to get the maximum wear out of them. I find that by watching others redesign clothes it is great to motivate you to do the same. Whether it is a complete redesign or how to create tops from scarfs, there is plenty of inspiration on YouTube. Here are some of my favourites: 

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