How a Book Could Benefit Your Business

Releasing a book may not be on the radar for most small business owners or entrepreneurs – but it could make a huge difference to your business. Rhiannon D’Averc, a ghostwriter who creates books for businesses and individuals, explains how.

The market for books is still huge and growing in 2023. Readers have voracious appetites – and although there seems to be an almost endless amount of choice out there for books, there’s always room for more.

When it comes to business, books are one of the biggest tools that many business owners are missing out on. Amongst other things, a business book could build your personal brand, position you as an expert, send new customers to your website, and create brand loyalty in your readers. Let’s go through a few of the many benefits a book written in your name could bring you.

Position Yourself as an Expert

One of the best ways to show that you’re an expert is to literally write the book on the subject.

Think about this: when you reach for a business book, do you believe the person who wrote it knows what they’re talking about? Of course, you do – or you wouldn’t bother reading what they have to say.

But the truth is, the author behind that book is just someone like you – someone who built their own business and learned a few things along the way.

If you’ve had successes and failures, if you’re made mistakes that helped you grow, if you know what it takes to build a brand – you have expertise that a reader would love to learn from.

Once you publish a book, you’ll be seen as an expert in your field. This can open a lot of opportunities. It will make you the first person readers turn to for your services. Anyone who wants to learn more may be interested in coaching services, which you can offer at a premium. If you’re thinking about branching out into a new business, it will give you a foundation of trust on which to build.

In fact, writing and publishing a book can be an incredibly useful step for anyone who wants to build their personal brand – a way to make sure your expertise and legacy is recognised, even if you sell your current business and move on.

One of my clients decided to write a book about how to build businesses from the ground up, without any investments or capital to begin with. After we published the book, he sold that first business for $10 million.

Because he was already positioned as an expert thanks to his book, he was able to not only start a new business with his existing skills – but also start consulting, and bring those who were loyal users of his first service over to his new business in a different service area. They felt they knew him, not just his business – but more on loyalty later!

Drive Customers to Your Website

One of the easiest ways to use a book as a marketing tool is to turn it into a lead generator.

There are a few ways you can do this, and you’re not limited in how you choose them. In fact, you can start off selling your book on an online marketplace such as Amazon, and later on move it to being a free giveaway on your website once you’ve replaced it with a new volume. Or, you could give it away for free first to get some good reviews and then sell it. You’re in control!

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Sell the book online (Amazon, etc) and include a free worksheet that your readers can download on your website. As part of the deal, they get added to your mailing list – and you can pop them into an automatic sales funnel to offer your goods or services
  • Offer the book as added value in a course or package you offer: when your customer purchases an offer worth X, they’ll also get the book for free. Once the book is written, it doesn’t cost you a thing extra to send it out digitally over and over again!
  • Add a call to action in several places throughout the book, and most importantly at the end, reminding readers why, how, and where they should purchase your goods or services
  • Tell readers to follow you for more of the same content – although you must follow through with this promise!
  • Offer the book as a free download on your website in exchange for signing up to your mailing list

I’ve even used this last strategy myself. In order to get readers to sign up to my newsletter advertising my latest fiction releases, I offer a couple of short stories for free as downloadable PDFs. The great thing is I can see in the statistics of my mailing service that almost all my subscribers do download those PDFs. That means my lead generator is working! Moreover, I know whenever I tweet, repost, or share my free story offer, I always get a bunch of new subscribers who want that freebie.

And there’s another upside to this, too…

Create Loyalty in Your Readers

Because the free download is something closely related to my brand and showcasing my product, the subscribers tend to stick around for a long time, too. They can see that I’m a good writer, so they want more. By demonstrating your expertise on a subject, you’ll also show your readers that you know what you’re talking about – so they’ll be right there with you.

Take the example of my client who ran a wedding planning service. Together, we wrote a book which was a whole guide on how to plan a wedding. We took readers right through from start to finish, even including some of the tips of the trade that she had picked up over her long career.

The interesting thing is that when the people who read this book decided they wanted a wedding planner rather than doing it all themselves, they knew who to call. In fact, that call to action was embedded right in the book, reminding readers again and again that they could take out all the time and effort from the process and just hire a planner.

Because they knew and trusted my client – after reading her book and feeling like they got to know her through her words – they chose her as their planner instead of shopping around.

But WAIT… Am I Giving Away My Secrets?

One objection I hear from time to time is that business owners think by explaining everything they know, they’ll actually be losing business. They think customers will just carry out the service themselves, instead of coming to them for help.

Let’s look at that example of my wedding planner client again. You see, most of the people who are going to purchase a $9.97 book on wedding planning are really intending to do it all themselves anyway. Most of those people who do it all themselves aren’t going to be your ideal customers. They were never yours to lose!

But those few who do read the book, reach out, and decide to hire you are doing it because of what the book shows them. Imagine a huge, several-hundred-page book detailing all the little things you need to take care of to plan a wedding. It looks exhausting! After reading all of that, the bride-to-be thinks: I can’t do all of this on my own – I need an expert!

And which expert do they turn to?

That’s right – the friendly, open, and easy-to-understand wedding planner they’ve been reading so much about.

Now, there’s also another way in which this book works, and surprisingly, it’s when you target people who will never read the book at all. Those customers are people who come to your website comparing you against several other service providers in your niche.

They want to find something to distinguish you from others: do you have better testimonials? Do you offer extra services?

And what do they find? You know so much about wedding planning, you actually wrote a book about it. And – this is where a bit of great marketing comes in once a high-quality book is ready to go – it’s even a bestseller.

Now, the author of a bestselling book about wedding planning sure sounds like a fantastic person to hire to plan your wedding, don’t they?

If you’re a business owner, I hope this article has given you a lot to think about. Now I’m going to put my own advice into practice and demonstrate exactly how this works.

If you enjoyed this article, that means you like my writing. If you’re convinced from this that I know a lot about writing books and how to use them to leverage your business, then you know I’m the right person to hire. Using a ghostwriter, you may be surprised at how little time you have to invest (just one hour-long meeting a month, on average, for six to seven months) and how easily your book comes together. I can even make it sound like you wrote it yourself.

So, go on. Get in touch. You can find all of my details at, and contact me any time at Your book is waiting for you!

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