Greggs and Primark team up again for a new fashion collection

After a shocking yet impressive collaboration back in February which saw people walking around in sweatshirts, socks and shoes with the Greggs logo and items selling out within hours, Greggs and Primark seem to once again be in a collaborative spirit. This time, the brands are going far bigger than before. We already had an 11-piece collection, but they have announced today that this new limited-edition collection will boast of 21 pieces, having a summer and festival vibe to them.

Their latest collection is set to be launched in stores on August 5 and if it is anything like their last joint effort, it’s most likely a third collection will follow soon after. The items in this new collection will include the likes of bodysuits, varsity jackets, footwear, cycle shorts and basketball jerseys. Not only that, due to their popularity in February, pieces from the first collection will make appearances such as their bumbags and bucket hats; so, if you missed your opportunity to get them, here’s the second chance you have waited five months for.

The brands have even decided to give customers a chance to nab some pieces (two items per person) before the collection officially hits stores by having a bus they have aptly named ‘Snackfest’ travel to five cities in the UK: Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Newcastle, starting this Wednesday at Brighton and coming to a close in Newcastle August 4. All cities will have the bus from 11am to 5pm. The bus is said to also bring with it competitions, special guest stars, and live music, a miniature festival of sorts; all in line with the festival-ready tone of the collection.

While the previous collection was only available in 60 Primark stores, this new collection will see the racks of every Primark.

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