Dior seeks compensation from Valentino

Luxury brands Dior and Valentino go head to head as the former demands they are paid for the damages incurred after a Valentino show allegedly prevented customers from entering their store.

On the 18th century Spanish Steps in Rome, a glittering show was held by Valentino for their Haute Couture collection for Fall Winter 2022/23. Surrounded by the ancient spires of the storied city, the decision by creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli to hold the collection in this historic arena added a unique grandeur.

A unique grandeur… and a newfound controversy. The audience for the show was positioned at the foot of the steps, in the Piazza di Spagna, onto which looks a large Dior store. The fashion house for which Piccioli used to work maintains that, despite written confirmations to the contrary being issued by Valentino prior to the show, all foot traffic to their store and others that face onto the Piazza was hampered. In a letter sent on the night of the show, the retail manager of Christian Dior Italia requested a large amount of compensation to be paid within 15 days.

However, despite this initially fiery reaction, recent news has claimed that Dior has stepped down from their demands. Perhaps this is due to social media backlash, where the public said that they should have more graciousness due to the size and profitability of their brand. Or, perhaps, due to mutual respect and understanding between the two brands. Regardless, the entire situation draws attention away from the magnificent show itself, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the public, some of whom have now characterised Dior the brand as petty. The Valentino show and its immense setting should not be thought of as the burgeoner of controversy, but as a creatively lucid and historic show.

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