“Cool, cosy, conscious” is what I find myself saying to shop assistants when I enter the shops every autumn. I love sweaters, and every year I find myself buying new ones. As much as this is a whim, more than a necessity, I can’t help but get lost in long online or live shopping sessions admiring and touching sweaters of all kinds. Of course, we all agree that a shaggy sweater is unsightly, but have you ever thought about how many knitwear styles exist? I don’t know about you, but I love the fall season, the hot chocolate smell, the orange foliage, and finally, the knitwear. I have a real passion for sweaters, and I never regret expanding my fluffy collection. The versatility and comfort of sweaters are just what you need in the cold season.


They appeared in spring in fantastic pastel colours, and now they’re back to peek under coats. I’m talking about tank knits, which are excellent to combine with a slightly oversized shirt, cigarette trousers or jeans, and flat shoes or ankle boots. There are many colours, and to not look like an 80-year-old at Saturday night bingo, you should hate to choose bright colours and leave aside the classic diamond pattern vests.


I propose some preppy-style knits for those who love a more classic style and don’t want to dare too much. I particularly like collared sweaters and cardigans. They are not easily found with particular patterns, but they are available in many colours. For example, I would pair an orange collared cardigan with dark blue jeans, Oxford shoes and a brown leather belt. To complete the outfit, I would choose a vintage maxi leather bag. If you are a student, this is an excellent outfit for a cool studying session in the library.

Another classy outfit is a V-neck and slightly oversized sweater with a white shirt underneath to show the collar, cuffs and bottom. This is a simple outfit and leaves some space to creative and colourful choices. For example, I love this lime sweater and I would pair it with black skinny or flared jeans. Also, choose gold-coloured jewellery such as a slightly thick necklace and large earrings. The V-neck and shirt combination is very classy, but it’s the details that make the difference.


If many young people particularly love the preppy style, the next one is probably avoided by many. The nonna (meaning grandma in Italian) style is a tricky one. There is a very thin line between having a retro-flavoured outfit and looking old and sloppy. I love having grandma style outfits, however, I always use my vintage-looking treasures wisely, combining them with modern garments. Among my absolute favourites are cardigans with jewel buttons that can either look extremely refined or tacky, you choose. Try matching something similar to this blue Monsoon cardigan with a pair of blue jeans, sneakers with some fashion decoration and a maxi coat. Or, for a romantic rock style, I would combine this Monsoon cardigan with a white Korean neck shirt to show only the shirt bottom and black leather skinny trousers. To make the outfit more sophisticated, choose a clutch bag in the same shade as the sweater. Finally, make a messy bun and embellish it with tiny rhinestone clips.


If you are a fashionable soul looking for some really cosy and cool outfits, try knitted sets. A two-piece black and knit suit is a great choice to approach an all-knitted outfit. From a distance, you will barely notice it is knitwear, and up-close when paired with the right accessories, it won’t make you look underdressed. White chunky trainers in Alexander McQueen style and a mini crossbody bag in a nice bright colour will make you comfortable and stylish for a shopping session in the high street.

The second knitted outfit is of course a dress. I particularly love the ones with fitted top and a circle skirt as they are very fashionable worn also with tights. I suggest wearing loose knitted dresses with semi-sheer stockings not to look like a potato sack just wrapped up in some cosy garments.


I’m not a particular lover of prints, but as far as sweaters are concerned, sometimes I like to vary and buy them with funny or showy patterns. House of Sunny offers a fantastic sweater with a design inspired by the cosmos. The fake fur detail makes it perfect for smart casual evening occasions, and it perfectly fits over a little black dress.

A quite showy and undoubtedly classic pattern is the Fair Isle-style pattern. In short, the traditional mountain style. If you plan to spend a cosy Christmas at home, this could be part of your outfit. This Baukjen oatmeal option with blue, white, and red details is a classic variation that looks great with a white blouse and a pair of jeans. If, on the other hand, you love this pattern but are afraid of looking too old-fashioned, choose sweaters with this print in much brighter colours.


Nothing is comfier than being wrapped in a warm and soft sweater on a cold autumn day. If you work from home or have non-formal commitments, wear leggings or skinny black jeans and a belted maxi cardigan. If you opt for a total black outfit, you’ll be ok also for smart-casual occasions. Just remember to pick particular accessories, perhaps colourful resin or enamel jewels in a pretty big size. Although your outfit will be very basic, you’ll look incredibly fashionable, and no one will notice that you just want to stay comfy.

Another option I love is wearing a bright-coloured sweater over a pair of leather leggings. This is generally my go-to option for remote working days or causal strolls.

The inspirations for knitted outfits are genuinely countless, and if you love fashion, I think experimenting with sweaters is simple and fun. In addition, if you are a sustainability lover, you will also have a wide choice between conscious and sustainable labels, which fortunately this season have not skimped in proposing particular knitwear. Finally, I imagine some of you are knitting pros and will flaunt exquisite customised knitted accessories and sweaters. I’m a very slow knitter, and now I’ll be back knitting my beanie, which I don’t guarantee will be ready for the Autumn-Winter 2021/2022 season.

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