Charles Harbison Launches Eco-friendly Fashion Collaboration with Banana Republic

Ruth Croft explores the recent fashion collaboration between Charles Harbison and the popular retailer Banana Republic.

The fashion brand Banana Republic has recently unveiled their eco-friendly collection in partnership with designer Charles Harbison. The collaboration was announced last year after Harbison won the Harlem Fashion Row, which was in association with Banana Republic’s own design competition. It is a limited-edition sustainable collection, and is hoped to inspire other fashion brands into making a similar step towards a better, more eco-conscious future for the industry.

Harbison developed an interest in fashion at a young age by observing the people around him, specifically his mother. He reportedly enjoyed watching how the art of fashion would transform her into something inspiring. Because of this, his work is full of reflective and sentimental thought. Harbison is also renowned for his commitment to sustainability, incorporating it in every creative and professional choice.

The collection was created using natural dyes and organic, recycled fabrics. Harbison has used bright, bold colours to bring the collaboration to life, and created statement pieces that embrace femininity in its most powerful sense. The designs are simple – suits, cashmere coats, and elegant top and skirt co-ords – but striking. It is fashion that captures the feeling of nostalgia, as well as being incredibly modern.

On the partnership, Harbison said, “I wanted sustainability to be central because it’s central to us. And it’s a way that I could continue moving the needle forward. Not only from an identity point of view, but in something that’s even bigger than identity and that’s our existence. As an industry, we are not doing our part. I’m trying to do what little bit I can and do so increasingly over time, this is a first step. We will get better. It is imperative that we get better.”

Banana Republic is known for using eco-friendly materials in their designs, and this affiliation with Harbison is a great step towards their goal of reaching complete sustainability in the next few years.

The collection is available to retail now, both online at Banana Republic’s website, and in store.

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