Chanel’s Autumn-Winter Digital Launch is an Ode to Karl

Cheyanne Greig-Andrews explores the unveiling of the Chanel Autumn-Winter 2020/21 collection, something the great Lagerfeld would be proud of. 

Bold, haunting, edgy, sophisticated. Chanel has unveiled its Autumn-Winter 2020/21 haute couture collection. This season’s looks are unsurprisingly masterful in thought and design, emanating an essence from a bygone era yet unquestionably modern. 

Virginie Viard became fashion director for Chanel following her iconic predecessor Karl Lagerfeld. Yesterday the tweed empire released a digital launch for their Autumn-Winter 2020/21 haute couture line. On the Chanel website, the collection is introduced with a quote by Viard: “I was thinking about eccentric princesses, the kind of women that Karl Lagerfeld liked to accompany at parties or at ‘Le Palace’.” She certainly managed to recreate Lagerfeld’s eccentric yet opulent energy in this collection.

With the absence of Paris Fashion Week this year Chanel had to adapt. The typical extravagant fashion week display that has been the hallmark of the brand’s haute couture launch season after season saw a digital take this year. Chanel produced a video launch for the Autumn-Winter collection and it can be found on the official Chanel website. Some looks are now posted on the official Chanel Instagram account where you can also find some behind the scenes clips prior to the launch. 

Viard masterfully embodied Lagerfeld in the garments this season, a bold move away from the traditional Coco inspired looks from the Spring-Summer 2020 collection. Scrolling through the photos of the Autumn-Winter collection it feels as though you are walking through the eras of Lagerfeld’s career and life. Viard has managed to push the boundaries while still maintaining the elegance and sophistication quintessential of the Chanel brand. 

Classic Chanel tweeds reminiscent of a 1960s Twiggy. Gowns with almost Victorian-inspired coiffed collars and voluminous sleeves. All magically tied together with an unmistakably punk rock circa 1980s edge. “Shimmering opulence and sophistication” is how the collection is described on the Chanel website and it appears to be achieving just that. 

Image via Chanel on Instagram

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