This month, Cicilia proposes some trendy womenswear autumn outfits ideas. So close your tracksuits in a box, or keep the bottoms if you still work from home, and get ready for a shopping spree.

Although many of us are on holiday, the lucky ones probably on a white sandy beach sipping drinks, it’s time to start thinking about the autumn wardrobe. Fortunately, many will return to in- person lectures or go back to the office. Sure enough, the combo of blouse, sweatpants, and fluffy socks is no longer an option. The summer spirit and the return of some social occasions allow us to re-experience the joy of dressing properly. However, going back to complete outfits with office shoes and tidy hair will be a shock or a mystical experience.

The trends for next autumn are suitable for everyone; we have glamorous looks and cosy but stylish outfits. So from the beach or your neighbourhood park, unleash your phone and start browsing the site of your favourite brands.


To start off in grand style, we have the opulence trend – a proper blast of sequins and glitter fabrics. A high- waisted pair of trousers paired with a plain turtle neck and a bold sequin blazer is a fancy option for the artistic souls. Forget the ban on sequins before cocktail time! This outfit is the right option for making a triumphal comeback to the routine. Perhaps more appropriate to fashion students or those who work in this sector. If sequins are a bit too much for you, I suggest a pair of black glitter fabric trousers. There are plenty of options for next season, and I would style it with a white blazer. You’ll have an elegant university-suitable outfit and you’ll be a bang of elegance for your night out.


If being a disco ball seems a little excessive to you, start the autumn by bringing with you some summer reminiscences. Colourful outfits will also be on the agenda for autumn. Matching purple and yellow, orange and pink, and green and yellow will make you look incredibly fashionable. For this trend, I suggest you look at some fashion shows or the Instagram page of your favourite influencers, just in case armocromia is not your thing.

A solid-coloured maxi coat or cardigan is the right option for those who usually love more neutral colours. Just pair it with a basic navy blue, black, beige, or denim bottom. If you are not used to flashy outfits, start with just some touch of bright colours. Wide coloured blouses combined with soft trousers are very cool for warmer autumn days. Try also a monochromatic outfit matching accessories in the complementary shade of the main colour you wear.


Are you tired of seeing Instagram influencers wearing pastel blazers? One of the hot trends for next season is tailored-styled outfits. I’m sorry, blazers will be a big trend. Masculine shaped and long blazers and coats, maybe with a tartan or houndstooth pattern, are a must-have. Square shapes, multi- layered outfits are a go-to choice for office goers and students. Add a touch of chic wearing a Hermès style scarf tied around the neck or opt for a mini skirt, maybe pleated. For a more androgynous look, wear a tie in the same colour as your shirt. This will be a sophisticated yet stylish detail. If you have a lot of spare time, start looking for a matching shirt and tie. It’s not easy, but undoubtedly stylish!

For the younger ones, a cropped blazer is also a great option. Although as announced by the catwalks, we could see mini blazers worn with nothing underneath. Only cold temperatures could spare us this eyesore.


Vintage lovers, there’s a trend for you! The Roaring Twenties are silently coming back. Cloche hats and turbans with jewel decoration can make any outfit sophisticated. The turban is a stylish choice for post-office drinks or romantic dinners. Carry it in your bag, and after a touch of gloss and a quick hairstyle change, you’ll sneak out of the office in style.

I’d start making a bowl of popcorn and watch the Great Gatsby (2013), directed by Baz Luhrmann. Enjoy two and a half hours of pure fashion, where dozens of exquisite 1920s outfits will surely inspire you. The film also brims with pastel-shaded menswear suits.

Wear a satin or silk slip dress under a blazer if a cloche hat doesn’t scream Roaring Twenties enough for you. I would recommend flat shoes or solid- colour trainers not to look like you have landed in the office directly from a nightclub.


If this boldness isn’t your cup of tea, here comes a cosy trend. Statement knitwear, cropped, maxi, or cardigans are a must-have for next autumn. A touch of colour is necessary to start the season without depressingly falling into the monotony of the routine. Start purchasing knitwear pieces with colourful pink, red, or green patterns. Or go for more classic whites ones with just a few coloured details. A long patterned statement cardigan worn with a belt and opaque tights is optimal for those who can’t wear casual outfits but want to stay a bit cosy. Match this outfit with heeled ankle boots and a maxi tote to store a sequinned skirt. This is for sure a very unusual combo, but I promise you’ll look stunning and highly trendy. Just pair everything very carefully, avoiding too many colours. For sure, you don’t want to look like a mountaineer after a compulsive shopping spree in the Harrods eveningwear department.

I don’t know you, but I can’t wait to say farewell to loose sweatshirts and leggings that have been great companions for months of remote working. I think we are all looking forward to post-office cocktails with colleagues and fancy dinners with our loved ones, so why not get started with some fashion research?

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