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As the UK suffers its greatest political crisis of this generation, The British Fashion Council (BFC) and Creative Industries Federation (CIF) are among many British businesses that have united in their call for a second Brexit referendum.

Following the historical Parliamentary defeat against May’s negotiated Brexit deal (432 votes to 202) and the overruling of Corbyn’s subsequent ‘no-confidence’ motion, the terms of Brexit remain unclear. British industries, who have grown increasingly alarmed at the insecurities of a no-deal exit, are calling time on government attempts at a Brexit resolution and instead wish to bring it back to the British people.

“We are facing a national emergency; the politicians have failed to show they have concern to protect jobs in fashion or any other UK industry. A people’s vote needs to be called,” said fashion critic Sarah Mower.

In response to May’s defeat, the BFC quickly released a statement stressing the “unthinkable
repercussions” that a no-deal Brexit would have on this growing and highly lucrative industry, urging alternative political action. The CFI supports this, contending that creative industries are the fastest growing part of the British economy, employing 9% of the population.

As highlighted within the BFC’s statement, the British fashion industry is worth £32 billion (almost the amount the UK is set to lose already through the EU-exit payment fee) and is just one example of a British industry wholly reliant on free and easy relationships with, and movement across, Europe. CIF’s chief executive, Alan Bishop, underlined the importance of “our ability attract talent, tour freely, and trade on our doorstep”.

These organisations have admitted that a second vote delays resolution, but a no-deal Brexit “would have catastrophic consequences for the [creative] sector.”

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