Anthropologie pledges to plant 25,000 trees in honour of Earth Month

Katie Abson writes about Anthropologie’s pledge to plant 25,000 in one year.  

This week, Anthropologie has followed in FARM Rio’s footsteps and has announced their pledge to plant 25,000 trees in Brazil over the course of a year as part of FARM Rio’s One Tree Planted program.  

The bohemian women’s apparel, accessory, and lifestyle brand was founded in 1992 in Wayne, Pennsylvania and has since expanded its business internationally with stores across North America and the UK. On their website, Anthropologie describes their brand as being a “one-of-a-kind destination for those seeking a curated mix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home décor to reflect their personal style and fuel their lives’ passions.” 

FARM Rio, a Brazilian clothing and lifestyle brand, was founded by Katia Barros and Marcello Bastos in 1997 where they publicised their first collection of clothes at an independent fashion market in Rio called Babilonia Feira Hype.  

Anthropologie and FARM Rio joined partnerships in 2017, Anthropologie being the first international retailer to launch FARM Rio’s brand in the United States. The description headlining FARM Rio’s segment on the Anthropologie website reads: “With vibrant colours, bold silhouettes and feminine details embedded in every design, Farm Rio’s cheerful creations are crafted with an exotic, toes-in-the-sand spirit that’s simultaneously fashion-forward and vintage-inspired.” 

In August 2020, FARM Rio announced their promise to plant 1,000 trees a day in the Amazon and Atlantic Forest. FARM Rio has since planted four million trees through One Tree Planted; a non-profit organisation dedicated to aiding global reforestation efforts.  

Anu Narayanan, Anthropologie’s chief merchandising officer, said: “We are so inspired by the important work our friends at Farm Rio have been doing over the past 23 years and are beyond proud to partner with them to assist in One Tree Planted reforestation efforts in Brazil.” She further commented: “We’re thrilled to commemorate this Earth Month by giving back some of the most important natural resources our planet has to offer: trees.” 

Diana Chaplin, Canopy Director of the One Tree Planted organisation, responded: “We were delighted when we heard from the team at Anthropologie and their interest in partnering through FARM Rio’s One Tree Planted program.” Chaplin said that the One Tree Planted team “undoubtedly believe that with Anthropologie’s influence, combined with their commitment to our program and enormously dedicated audience, interest in our cause throughout the year will continue to flourish.” 

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