Adele’s Return Brings the Revival of Cleavage

Ruth Croft explores how Adele’s return to the music world has affected upcoming fashion trends.

It’s been a tough few years for those with bigger breasts. With the rise of bralettes and sheer, low-cut fashion, it has been hard to find clothes that are both supportive and flattering for our body type. But, just like a modern-day superhero, here comes the return of Adele with her fourth studio album, bringing the long-awaited revival of cleavage.

Ever since she arrived on the music scene in 2008 with her debut album, ’19,’ Adele has been a fashion inspiration for people across the globe. Still a teenager when she rose to fame, her outfits were relatable to those listening to her music. She was mostly seen in skinny jeans and baggy cardigans, paired with ballet flats; all staples from the early 2000s. When attending a red carpet, she chose darker colours for her dresses, as if to disappear into the background. Of course, this was impossible, as she soon skyrocketed to worldwide success with the release of her second album, ’21.’ It was in the afterglow of this achievement that Adele seemed to really uncover her own glamourous beauty, and she began dressing to suit her figure, with flattering jewel-coloured gowns that cinched in at the waist, and chic sweaters with designer jeans for casual wear. She became an icon for mid and plus-size women, especially during a time where the ‘skinny’ look was still very much idolised.

Now, with her return to society, Adele has proved once again just how influential she really is. Not only did her album announcement cause quite the stir on social media – when billboards across the world suddenly lit up with a glittering ’30’ on a blue background – Adele has returned with a slightly different look, which has sparked many a conversation.

It is no secret that Adele has lost weight in recent years. In fact, in May 2020, Adele posted a photo of herself to Instagram that prompted fans to rename her ‘Skinny Adele.’ And since then, she has dressed in more tight-fitting or revealing clothing. Unlike everyone else for the last eighteen months of the pandemic, Adele has not chosen the comfort of an elasticated waist or a baggy t-shirt; she has decided to bring back the era of cleavage, with corsets and sweeping necklines. It is a look reminiscent of romantic fashion. It is femininity in the most traditional sense, perhaps inspired by the hit shows Bridgerton or Downton Abbey.

It’s a win for those who can’t walk down the high street without wanting to cry because nothing fits right. In recent years, fashion has not been suited for bigger breasts. The over-sized t-shirt settles in all the wrong places, backless tops are simply a no-go, and Bardot blouses don’t look as pretty when you’re bursting out of them. Now, with Adele’s support of the cleavage return, it means that breasts of all sizes can be prevalent in the fashion world. Either way, it means we can throw our comfortable bralettes to the back of the wardrobe, and enjoy some silhouetted glamour this autumn.

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