Viktorija Mockute explores how global beauty trends influence our make-up bags, every day of the week.

Beauty is an international language and it is a universal truth that women from around the world love makeup. Through the use of subtle and bold looks, individual traits of various cultures are expressed and shared between women of all backgrounds, and these looks become a form of art in their own right as they inevitably change with time. England has been well known for its minimal approach to makeup while places like Italy have incorporated eye-catching colours into their looks. Beauty trends vary from place to place; however, some items have become worldwide essentials.

Women in England have traditionally taken a less-ismore approach to beauty. Whilst dramatic contour has been in the spotlight, cheekbones should remain delicate with liquid highlighter as opposed to the powder type; this will result in a natural glow which can be paired with a subtle eye liner. To maintain a radiant complexion in rainy weather, women in England nourish their skin from within. A healthy diet and vitamin supplements can help with this, combined with a simple skincare routine consisting of a cleanser and moisturiser.

French women have always been famed for their effortless à la mode looks. Their minimalist makeup routine consists of only a few essential items used to accentuate their unique features. A fresh face is achieved with a rose toned blush extending to the temples of the cheeks as the lashes are coated with a layer of mascara. A bold red lip completes the look. In order to maintain a natural dewy complexion, French women have been known to perform facial massages, often done with a cleansing balm to remove impurities.

Established through South Korea’s cultural fixation on health, the ten-step routine has turned into a global phenomenon allowing Korean women to boast their porcelain skin. For some this may be a daunting number of steps. A simplified version comes into place for the modern minimalist. The recipe for this effortless five step routine requires only five items: a cleanser, a toner, a serum, an eye cream and a face cream. A face mask can also be easily incorporated into this regime to add great benefits.

Brazilian beauty has always been innocent with an added plot twist. Bare skin, bright eyes, and an effortless glow are standard, but matte lips have definitely made their mark in Brazil in the recent years. Matte lipsticks can be paired with a powdered highlighter for a radiant glow. Nude shades will give a balanced look whilst bright colours will bring attention to the facial features. Matte liquid lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills provide long lasting colour and an endless array of shades to choose from.

The typical Canadian makeup bag includes just a few simple key products: a light coverage foundation, a nude lipstick, and most importantly a brow pencil. Bold brows have become Canada’s all-time favourite beauty trend—the fuller the better. To get the Canadian look, groom natural brows into place and fill them with a brow pencil if need be. Anastasia Beverly Hills gives the very best brow products, which should be staple items for any makeup bag, Canadian or not.

With Russia being known for its beautiful models, it is no surprise that glamorous looks are becoming the norm there and false lashes are a staple item when emulating these looks. Russian women have long been famed for their sharp facial features like those of supermodel Sasha Pivovarova. Contouring can do wonders for the face as it emphasises the structural features that bring the look together. Hourglass cosmetics have contouring palettes that make achieving this look as simple as applying a set of false lashes.

Looking local in Italy is simple with the right colours. Italian women love incorporating colour into their looks, whether that’s a signature red nail polish or a bold eye shadow. Experimenting with different lip shades and bold eye shadows can be a fun experience. Urban Decay have a range of palettes to brighten the eyes and fit any look ranging from natural to the most daring.

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