A Guide to 2022 Autumn/Winter Fashion

Darker nights, autumn leaves, colder weather, and the possibility of snow on the horizon make it time for a swift wardrobe change. Amrit Virdi details 2022’s Autumn/Winter fashion trends.

Fashion is an evolving artform, and it’s of no surprise to anybody that 2022’s runway shows have brought with them a new, culturally relevant form of style to this year’s autumn and winter fashion.

2022 has been marked with the rise of Y2K fashion, as the likes of Juicy Couture, Vivienne Westwood, and Tammy have once again risen in popularity, particularly among the younger generation.

Whilst autumn traditionally sees the ringing of neutral colours, the resurgence of this trend has led hot pink to remain a trend into the cooler months, evidenced in Valentino’s magenta spectacle at Paris Fashion Week.

Shopping at high street stores also affirmed the continuing relevance of Y2K fashion, as cargos, crop tops, and knitted tops were evidently consistent throughout the shops. The layering of items also resurged as a trend, reminding me of the fashion fuelled film The Devil Wears Prada, as plain shirts with knitted vests seem to be making more of an appearance. Paired with a tennis skirt for an everyday look or a fitted skirt for office wear, it is a versatile and easy autumn trend.

This also explains the rise of pinafore dresses. More and more people are opting for a midi look rather than a mini or maxi dress and are wearing these as everyday items rather than just saving them as evening attire. Layering these dresses with a shirt or jumper makes them suitable to wear on cooler days, whilst still maintaining a fashionable look.

On a similar note, the low-rise trend is still in full force. Whether that be trousers, cargos, or skirts, the 90s fashion influence is set to stay, as evidenced in the Bottega Veneta show.

Footwear fashion must not be ruled out as an indicator of trends. As is the case with autumn and winter every year, the classic boot has made a re-emergence once more. 2022 has seen more variety of its style, however, partly thanks to the comeback of nostalgic fashions.

2022 has also, to my surprise, brought with it an increasing number of people buying UGG boots and slippers. UGG has been around for years, and knock offs are available to buy from most high street brands. However, they seem to be in demand now more than ever before, perhaps due to the likes of Bella Hadid being spotted in them. Available with a student discount on ASOS, it’s no wonder it’s almost impossible to get the popular ‘mini’ UGGs. For days spent lounging around the house, UGG slippers could be an option if you want to treat yourself. Though the brand is known for its furry boots, it has also seen an increase in sales of its chunkier, leather boots.

A classic Doc Marten boot proves to be sturdy and trusty in the colder months. Available in a variety of styles, colour combinations, and either a matte or leather finish, finding one to suit your specific style is easy. A simple statement that can be dressed up or dressed down, they are a fantastic wardrobe addition. And they also fare well in snow or muddy conditions– what is a fashion statement if it isn’t versatile?

Plain black, stompy boots can pull an entire outfit together— a biker look can be achieved through boots with laces, plain black ones can be suitable for the office, and knee-high ones are perfect for going out for drinks… or to achieve an Ariana Grande-like style. These are not exclusively found from top designers and are littered throughout high street brands.

Boots of all kinds prove to be versatile and make a nice change from trainers which you may wear every day. Though wearing them in may be an issue, black or brown boots can be styled for day or night, hot or cold, and are certainly a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

In terms of accessories, the trend of the ‘little bag’ is also still prevailing and adds to the effortlessly curated, casual Y2K look. Easy to throw on to complete an outfit, their size is also convenient in a day and age where we need to carry less and less around. Cards can be stored on your phone and keys and lipstick hardly take up much storage room. These bags can be found from Gucci, Chanel, and other big names but also from Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Primark.

If your autumn/winter wardrobe is more neutral, a printed bag can be an option to add a pop of style, or a plain bag can be a helpful contrast if following Valentino’s advice and wearing mostly bright colours.

One of the key differences between a spring/summer wardrobe and an autumn/winter wardrobe is outerwear.

Bare arms are not a preferred choice in the cooler weather, so taking advantage of 2022 fashion trends, winter warmers will do wonders for your wardrobe (and your health!).

Biker and racing style jackets, perhaps due to an international rising interest in motorsport, have increased in popularity and can be found in more affordable stores such as Bershka. These can be dressed up with a leather skirt, boots, and crop top for evening outings, or they can be thrown on in a rush with a pair of mom jeans during the day.

These thinner, bomber style jackets are suitable for warmer autumn days, meaning that thicker coats are a good call for winter days. Puffy North Face coats, or equivalents of these from different stores, in plain colours make for a great investment and can be thrown on top of practically any outfit. Additionally, coats of a similar style in a corduroy or fluffy ‘teddy bear’ material can add different textures to an outfit and come in handy if you fancy a jacket switch-up.

Similarly, traditional parkas never go out of style, with Zara stocking many variations of the classic coat. Suited for wind and wet weather, a green, navy, or black parka is a versatile investment for when the cold may just be too much to handle.

Harking back to the Y2K resurgence, gilets are also making their way back into many high street stores, as a gateway for stylish (and heat preserving) layering. Whether it’s atop a hoodie, a long sleeve top, or a jumper, it can tie an outfit together, and the variety of prints and colours that are available can make them addictive to buy. Influencer Grace Beverly was recently seen sporting a gilet with detachable sleeves on her Instagram story, which emphasised the growing versatility of the statement piece of outerwear.

Autumn and winter accessories often remain the same, as it’s the weather for scarves, hats, and gloves.

New York Fashion Week saw the showcasing of statement scarves, which look almost blanket-like. Long, colourful, and wide scarves for this season have evolved from silk scarves worn in spring and summer this year. Particular brands such as Acne Studios have their scarves in high demand, yet they can also be bought from most high street and online stores.

When it comes to hats, there are countless styles and variations, but key ones have made an appearance for 2022’s autumn and winter season.

One of these is the beret. The likes of Gucci and Zara have started to stock more berets, and with Paris becoming increasingly popular as a Christmas and New Year holiday destination, it can be useful to have at the back of your wardrobe. They are also available in a variety of styles, with Zara stocking glitter ones– perfect for Christmas drinks.

Perhaps more versatile, beanies and bobble hats never fail to suffice for everyday use. They are easy to find in almost any clothes shop, and neutral colours can match most outfits whilst providing much needed warmth in the winter.

And if those weren’t enough accessories, gloves have seen a revamp in 2022, due to a number of influences. Netflix’s Bridgerton, for instance, showcased the majority of its cast wearing long, ‘opera length’ silk gloves to emulate outfits seen in the Regency era. Silk gloves are set to remain a trend for evening wear, with the likes of Kim Kardashian taking them a step further and donning ones of leather or latex fabric.

Short leather driving gloves also made an appearance at autumn and winter runway shows from Yves Saint Laurent— as another option to protect your hands from the cold rather than for driving.

With gloves being an option to dress up evening outfits, partywear in 2022 seems to be all the more extravagant. Glitter and sequins are very much in, with Superdry boasting an all-glitter dress display in their shop window. 2022 is set to be one of the first full years without COVID restrictions, so this caters to shoppers who want to go all out with their outfits. Oh Polly’s sequin dresses have come back in full force, with River Island even stocking full sequin suits following a rising trend of these on TikTok.

Glitter is not the only option, however, as sophisticated single colour looks are very much still a call for winter partywear. Urban Outfitters’s collection of slip dresses are constantly growing, and these can be found in mini, midi, or maxi style. Often a plain slip dress paired with a glitter heel and a red lipstick is seen as a classic look by celebrities and adds a splash of sophistication to your go-to looks.

Any printed or plain skirt with a corset top is also a look sticking around from summer. When paired with a trending outerwear for the colder months, it is set to be a suitable outfit for spontaneous evening outings.

A trend which I did not expect to make a big appearance is denim. When walking through a shopping centre, denim seems to make a big appearance in shop windows, not just in the form of jeans. Denim dresses, long and short, as well as dungarees are still available to buy despite the colder weather and, again, hark back to the re-emergence of nostalgic trends from the 2000s.

Keeping on the theme of dresses, jumper dresses paired with tights or leggings and chunky boots are being seen all over Instagram. Influencer Perrie Sian has showcased a lot of these in her outfit reels, and they can be bought from H&M fairly cheaply for those looking for a new wardrobe on a budget.

A final timeless trend worthy of mentioning is the classic autumnal check, plaid, and argyle prints. These come around every year and in recent years have been in time and in theme with Taylor Swift’s album releases, with her “All Too Well” 10-minute-long video showcasing the peaks of autumn and winter and featuring many of the trends mentioned above.

Back to the topic of prints. Oversized, printed plaid shirts paired with a t-shirt, mom or skinny jeans, and boots make for the typical Pinterest-worthy autumn outfit. Plaid or chequered trousers can also be styled for an everyday outfit or, if worn with a blazer, smart office wear.

Argyle sweaters paired with skirts or baggy jeans achieve the trendy Y2K aesthetic and are versatile to be dressed up or down. All of these autumnal prints can also be found on scarves, gloves, and hats to make for fitting seasonal accessories.

From jumpers to skirts to all important accessories, autumn and winter calls for endless styling options… as well as the opportunity to channel your inner Taylor Swift.

You can read more of Amrit’s work via her portfolio, https://amritvirdi.journoportfolio.com/#/ , or by following her Instagram @thevinylwriter.

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