Show Imagery Style Guide

Thanks for your interest in submitting a show to us.

We have a very particular style for our show coverage. Please follow the guidelines below for the best chance of publication:

  • Make sure your files are labelled clearly with the name of the designer and the name of the photographer. If you are representing a show with multiple designers, we need both the name of the show and the name of the designer. An example would be:
    • PhotographerName_FashionShowName_DesignerName01.jpg
    • If you submit a PDF file with credits along with your images, this will be accepted, but clarity in file names is even better
  • We need all images to be less than 10mb if possible. If you submit them higher, we will reduce them to less than 10mb ourselves, so better to do it yourself and keep control of the quality.
  • We want to see every single look from the show. Please send one (1) shot of each look. If possible, maintain the same style, which should ideally be with the model centered and facing the direction of the camera (examples below)

  • There must be no watermarks on the images. This is non-negotiable. Credit will be provided on the page. Watermarked images will be rejected.
  • If you are confident you have followed all the instructions here, send your files to using a file sharing service. Do not use WeTransfer unless you have a premium account, as it may take us longer than a week to get to the files.