The Ghost of Fashion Future: How The Fashion Industry is Dealing with Fashion Weeks

Grace Pickford reports on the future for Fashion Weeks.

The leaders of Fashion Weeks from fashion capitals Paris, London, Milan, New York and Shanghai will virtually come together at the Circular Fashion summit on the 3rd-4th October. The interactive event will hold discussions concerning sustainability, the fashion industry after the pandemic, and what can be done to “renew the pace of Fashion weeks”. The event is being held to hopefully have a beneficial impact on the systems within fashion not only on a governmental level but individuals as well.

As the first round of digital Fashion Weeks came to an end, there are many questions surrounding the future for fashion and whether the classic runway will be returned to any time in the near future – or whether virtual presentations will remain. Real life fashion shows during Virtual Fashion Week have been said to be unbeatable in their approach. Dior’s live-streamed runway saw real-life models on a set designed by Marinella Senatore. Lighted structures illuminated the runway and Seantore’s text art which expresses themes of female empowerment.

The up and coming New York Fashion Week in September does not seem to have runway shows in the programme with large names Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, and Tom Ford not taking part. It seems many are sticking with small presentations and virtual shows. 

The British Fashion Council have announced that London Fashion Week will begin on September 17th and end on the 22nd and will be gender-neutral. Both men- and womenswear designers will be able to contribute.

Image via Unsplash

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