Interview: Paul Costelloe

Rhiannon D’Averc spoke to designer Paul Costelloe after his packed runway show.


LR: Congratulations on a wonderful collection. Tell us about your inspiration this season?

Paul: My inspiration was to basically strip everything down and just see the modern woman. Casual, easygoing, modern. She goes to the gym, she’s diet-aware, she’s all those things. I just thought I’ll dress her. Kept it simple, nothing very formal, all very relaxed. It’s something I’ve never really got that involved with before, because it’s quite a challenge to start doing hoodies and all these shapes that I’d never normally use. So, it’s been quite a challenge and I look forward to developing more for Spring 21.

LR: The prints were so diverse and so fun.

Paul: Well, they were designed by my son, William, so we’re just building up a little dynasty here. We’re very small, very minor in the world of fashion, but I think we do some nice things!

LR: Talking about the brand and yourself as a designer, you’ve had a lot of successes. Is there anything that you’d still like to achieve in the future?

Paul: I’d like to make a movie. I’d like to be involved in cinema, in some way. I’m enjoying myself at the moment. Do I have targets? All of us have targets, but I’ve got a nice team, all the people I work with are really nice. We make all our samples in London, so it’s a London company with family background. We always have targets, but I wouldn’t really discuss it, you know? There’s always something in the back pocket. I’m a man, you know, I’m still looking in the fields!

LR: Apart from designing for the first time in a new style, were there any other difficulties or struggles that came along with this collection?

Paul: It really wasn’t conceived until quite late. Because you’re working with shapes I didn’t work with before, there was quite a bit of trial and error, so it was challenging. Keeping aware of street fashion, but with slightly nicer materials. It was good for the mind, it was humbling a little bit. I’m not that arrogant anyway! [laughs]

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