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Livia Firth and Alberta Ferretti have teamed up to tackle fast fashion and its “false appropriation” of sustainable ideals, collaborating to create a new sustainable collection which is set to launch ahead of Earth Day on April 22nd.

Eco Age creative director and Green Carpet Challenge founder Livia Firth has been championing the need for sustainability in the fashion industry for over a decade. While there have clearly been improvements, Firth questions their authenticity and longevity – particularly in an age of 1-click purchasing.

“Fast fashion has appropriated those terms with all their conscious collections and sustainable drives…if you look up sustainability in the dictionary, it’s about something that lasts. When you buy fashion on impulse, it’s not sustainable.”

Including organic tees, jumpers made from recycled cashmere, strictly Oeko-Tex-certified thread, and compostable packaging, Firth hopes that her and Ferretti’s collection ‘Love Me’ is something to last. “Everything was sourced carefully,” says Firth. “Alberta studied all aspects of the supply chain.”

Ferretti approached Firth in 2018 for the conscious capsule. “The urgency of the ecological problems all over the world compelled me to find a green path for my company…I know the importance of safeguarding our natural resources and promoting the use of products that have the smallest environmental impact.”

Ferretti highlights the responsibility of the fashion industry, hoping to prove that it is possible to create luxurious products without compromising our ideals. “Fashion is a great way to send a message. Everything we can do, every initiative, every signal, even the smallest thing, is important.”

This collection is another example of how the luxury sector is grappling with its eco-responsibility. If the luxury market is willing to evolve, will the high-street follow suit?

The Love Me collection launches exclusively on 15th April.

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