Rhiannon D’Averc met with Miss London City 2018, Ewa Medrzycka, to find out what it’s like to represent the whole city as a beauty queen.

Can you introduce yourself for our readers?

I’m from Poland, and I’ve been living here one and a half years. It’s not too long, so I’m still learning and improving my English! I finished college here also, and I’m working every day. And, I’m Miss London City 2018.

Tell me how that came about.

It was one year ago when I applied to the casting online. They asked me for an interview. Everything was a big challenge for me. I was surprised, everything was a new experience, new people, and everything was in English. It was very amazing for me!

What happened after the interview?

They sent me a message that I’m a finalist. We had some appearances before, for Fulham, at the match. Fulham won, so it was good! (laughs) Two months before the final we had a charity gala, because Miss London City supports a charitable organisation every year. The winner chooses the organisation which she will support for the year.

Then you went to the final.

Yes, it was in August. We spent all day at the hotel where the final was, and we had four shows on the catwalk. One was swimwear, one was with the basic black dress, one was fashion – so, what we would like to wear – and one was the evening dress. Then we had some questions about us, about the competition.

Were you really nervous?

Everything was new for me, so I was nervous before they asked the questions on the stage. I didn’t know what they would ask me, but it was great. The people were amazing and very supportive of us. It was a good day, really!

What questions did they ask you?

They asked me about which animal I would like to be, if I was an animal. I said dog because it’s man’s best friend. Very simple answer. Another question was about my quality, and I talked about my life. I love travelling, I love meeting new people, new experiences. I couldn’t swim, but I did scuba diving. I was scared of the water, but I went to scuba diving training. I like to do new things and improve myself. When they had chosen the top five girls, they asked about what I would like to do as Miss London City. I said I always like supporting children and the family, because I would like people to feel not alone. To feel goodness from each other. If it’s difficult for them to live normally, I would like to help them.

What did it feel like to know that you’d won?

It was a big surprise for me. I was so happy. My Mum came from Poland especially for this day and she doesn’t speak English, so my friend explained everything for her. So, she was so happy! It was a very nice, lovely day.

What was the atmosphere like backstage?

It was great, really. The girls were together and we helped each other, with makeup and everything. Our hairdresser was Italian Shades, they made the hairstyles for us. They also supported us, speaking with us and everything. It was really like a family atmosphere.

How did you choose your outfits?

The fashion was what I have in my wardrobe. I love Zara, Mojito in my country, so I like that style. It was easy to choose something. The swimwear, I wore a white swimsuit with long sleeves, so I think it wasn’t only swimwear. It was a little bit dressy, so something new. My evening dress, I bought here. I was looking for it for a long time! I love diamonds, so I was looking for something like this.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear, day to day?

I love to mix the sportswear, comfortable clothes, with elegance. Like wearing black trousers with high heels, maybe some sportswear on the top.

Do you have anyone that you look up to as a style icon?

I don’t have just one person that I really like and I look at every day. I like to see something new every day. Each person has a different body, so not everything will be good for me. I like to make everything mixed and have my own style.

Have you been doing any duties yet?

I have a schedule for a year, I will be taking part in a lot of events and campaigns, and also I will be supporting my animal charity – Shooting Star Chase. I’m planning to do some fundraising or maybe an auction.

Will you carry on doing charity work after your year as Miss London City is up?

We have something in Poland, a big event in each year where in each town we have concerts and we do fundraising. We have one in London – it will be in January. I will also be supporting this. So, it’s not like only one year as Miss London City – before, I was a volunteer in an animal shelter because I love dogs. I try to do my best always. If I can help, I will help.

Is there any particular cause you’ve always supported?

This year I’m supporting Shooting Star Chase, but I also support World Breast Cancer Day. It’s not only animal charities, but also different causes.

Do you want to take part in more pageants in the future?

I’m not sure, really. I loved Miss London City, but I’d like to do something more and go forward. Maybe something different.

Do you plan to do more modelling?

Yes, I love fashion. Maybe not on the catwalk. In Poland I was a model as well, in a beauty salon and on a calendar. I really liked this.

What would you like to do with your career?

I would really like to have my own company. I studied business management in Poland.

Do you travel often?

Before when I was in Poland, I travelled around my country. The mountains, the sea, North, West, East, everywhere. I really wanted to start going abroad. The first one was Italy – Tuscany. It was amazing. I love the wine, the olives! I said to my boyfriend, “Honey, we have to go there again!”. In August, before the competition, I went to the Amalfi Coast. The sea meets the mountains… mozzarella… prosciutto… the food! Italian people are very nice, and we spent a good time there. I’ve been to Thailand twice also, totally different places. I like it. It’s very hot, people are amazing, the food is good – nothing bad. I love this. I went to Germany, Holland, and so on for just a couple of days. I love travelling, and my boyfriend loves it too.

Is there anywhere you’d really love to go in the future?

Tokyo, and Australia – Sydney. Those are my big two.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to enter Miss London City?

The competition is very good for exploring your possibilities. It’s not just about beauty and a good face, it’s also about being beautiful on the inside. Also supporting young women and charities. If the person wants to know more about herself, it’s a good opportunity. If she loves to help others, too.

What do you think is needed to win?

To be true. Be real and smiling, be helpful. It’s not one recipe to win. It’s not like you should be ‘like this’ and you’ll win. No – you have to be real. If you’re a good person, people will see this.

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