Interview: Agne Kuzmickaite

Rhiannon D’Averc spoke to Agne right in the thick of her Fashion Scout presentation, which featured a live photoshoot happening in front of the assembled crowd.

Images by Simon Armstrong

LR: Tell us about this season’s collection.

Agne: In my collection, there are three different lines which I connected. One part was from recycled materials, second-hand outfits that I made into shoes, dresses, and some head accessories. Another part was from colourful fabrics. As always, I integrated my signature butterfly pattern. All these lines were important to me in this collection, where I wanted to talk about one idea – that I think it is important for people living in our times not to forget to be happy in this moment. We are constantly reading about catastrophes or bad news, and there is a lot of tension that some apocalypse might happen right away. But while it is still peaceful, in a way – I understand that it’s not, in all the world – we still have to remember to enjoy the short moment in which we are on this earth. So, I wanted to use colour and different textures and just play with the silhouettes.

LR: Explain to us about this butterfly that you use.

Agne: Yeah, that’s part of my logo and I think that in these times designer outfits need to be recognisable. This is the way that it works. Therefore, on one hand on purpose, I’m creating butterflies in each collection, trying to integrate things differently. And on the other hand, I like it! Each season I have something to start from. Now it’s part of my brand.

LR: You’ve done a lot of fashion weeks around the world. So, how does London compare to, or how is it different from, each of those?

Agne: London is important because it’s one of the four major fashion capitals. I think this is the place where real fashion professionals can evaluate your work. When you do a fashion show in some smaller capital, it might be more bombastic but it has less impact. When you do it in a more important capital, your collection can be evaluated by real fashion insiders.

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